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Do intelligent document processing correctly

Through automated processing and reading of data with artificial intelligence (AI), a document management system such as PaperOffice DMS can help you reduce your business costs by up to 92% and increase operational efficiency.

Professional tip

Intelligent solutions for document processing support companies in extracting a wide variety of data from unstructured, semi-structured or complex documents as automatically as possible.
Find out more in the current article what intelligent document processing means, why you too should process your documents automatically and how you can best get started.

In the article below, we will show you how you can increase your operational efficiency, reduce human error through increased accuracy, lower your current costs, maximize your office space, maintain data integrity and improve data security.

We list the advantages of the PaperOffice document management system for you, and how you can guarantee your cost reductions of up to 92% thanks to the use of a DMS.

On the table is a laptop with PaperOffice on the left and a Synology NAS on the right
7 steps to get the most out of your Synology NAS: Made easy with PaperOffice

Click here for the guide

We also explain what regular expressions (regex) are and list concrete REGEX application examples in the second part of this article.

You'll learn how they can help you extract the data you need from your documents quickly, efficiently, and without manually entering that data.

Three magic letters technique - OCR

What does OCR actually mean and what is it used for?

Optical character recognition (OCR) is now widely used to extract information from various documents, such as receipts, to digitize physical paper documents and streamline document management workflow.

The use of OCR text recognition gives companies a huge advantage as it can help automate document processing, a process that plays a significant role in any industry.

OCR, short for Optical Character Recognition, allows a software product to recognize and extract text from a digital image. It is essential for reading and analyzing scanned documents, for example.

While receipt OCR is handy when businesses deal with batches of receipts on a daily basis, an OCR receipt scanner alone is not enough to provide sufficiently accurate results.

A document management system should be used for this, which already has an extensive OCR function on board as standard, such as PaperOffice DMS.

PaperOffice carries out OCR text recognition for each document, indexes the entire text content and, thanks to the integrated advanced search, provides you with what is probably the most powerful DMS search tool in the world. Without any work!

PaperOffice employee sits in front of a notebook
Thanks to the use of a DMS with integrated OCR text recognition, you get many advantages

Advantages of digitization

Almost everyone who has dealt with the topic of cost reduction in a company has certainly dealt with the technical term "digitization".

Typically, all of the company's receipts are kept in one place. The processing of the documents will only start after a few days. Digitizing them manually involves locating the relevant information, entering it into a spreadsheet, checking that the entries are correct, before moving on to the next, until you've finally digitized stacks of invoices and other documents.

You may even need to take an extra step to upload the spreadsheet to different systems for operational or accounting purposes.

Sounds awful, right?

With a document management system that already has automated text recognition on board, you can reduce the process from hours or even days to just a few minutes.

After setting up the template and the desired specific data fields, the information is extracted from individual documents or document batches.

Extensive document information is stored accordingly, the document is tagged and, thanks to the information read out, can be automatically linked to a stored contact if required.

All you have to do is digitize the files by scanning them or sending them to you digitally from the start, such as by email, and saving them in PaperOffice.

The document management system will do the rest for you.


By the way, there is a special article on the topic "The 10 most important advantages of digitizing paper documents":

PaperOffice employee is happy to digitize all documents in paper so far and raises her hands in joy
The 10 most important advantages of digitizing paper documents: made easy with PaperOffice

Click here for the guide

Reduce human error with higher accuracy

Performing repetitive tasks such as Manual data entry, for example, can be quite tedious and degrade the quality of your data as employees become fatigued or distracted and all the numbers and words are forgotten or mixed up.

In addition, the "access and user rights" factor also represents a limited group, because not all employees in your company have the right to view your company data and information.

For a software that includes automated text recognition, it's never difficult to stay focused and it can recognize the texts, see sensitive data, extract them and organize the outputs with high accuracy without "spilling" the company secrets.

Especially in these difficult times, it is very important for all companies to strengthen the competitiveness of the company by making it paperless. Set up digital and ensure that employees can also work flexibly from home in the home office. Ultimately, the company has to keep up with the digital age and realize the path to the paperless office.

Reduce costs and maximize office space

Manual data entry can be very labor intensive and the more receipts you have to process, the higher your personnel costs. In addition, there may be some additional costs related to data inaccuracies due to human error.

Through automated processing and reading of the data with artificial intelligence (AI), a document management system such as PaperOffice DMS can help you to reduce these costs and at the same time free up office space, since you do not have to hire additional staff to manually digitize receipts or to store stacks of receipts in your office.

Maintain data integrity and improve data security.

Although both digital files and physical paper documents can be lost or damaged due to physical, environmental, or technological hazards, most organizations still waste time storing everything in physical archives and using local or cloud storage for digital records.


By the way, there is a special article on the topic of saving in the cloud and why we do not recommend this storage method:

On the table is a laptop with PaperOffice on the left and a Synology NAS on the right
7 steps to get the most out of your Synology NAS: Made easy with PaperOffice

Click here for the guide

Thanks to PaperOffice, all your documents are stored directly in the database server of your own server, giving you full, unrestricted control over all data. You don't have to set up a server, because PaperOffice takes care of all the other steps for you after installation.

Or use your Synology or QNAP NAS and manage all your receipts on your own NAS device! We list 7 measures to get the most out of your Synology NAS here learn more about it.

Revision security must be guaranteed

In addition, data security and access management becomes easier as soon as the receipts have been digitized with PaperOffice, since the data is highly securely encrypted and archived in your database in an audit-proof manner, which nobody but you can access.

PaperOffice automatically versions every changed document, creates a shadow copy and saves it separately so that you can always open the desired version again.

We describe how you can ensure versioning and audit-proof document archiving.

Desk with PaperOffice and different document versions
Versioning: How to correctly archive documents that are audit-proof

Here it goes to the Guide


On the topic "Revision-proof and GoBD-compliant versioning of documents with PaperOffice document management" there is also a video on YouTube, which explains this process in an understandable way:

What are the challenges when digitizing documents with OCR?

When extracting data with an OCR text recognition, there are some challenges that need to be considered. Invoice layouts vary greatly as each company has its own format.

So that your receipts can be read accurately, PaperOffice has automatic document recognition using artificial intelligence (AI) called PIA.

PIA uses special algorithms and recognition technologies.

PIA has an extensive, integrated dictionary that automatically recognizes incorrectly recognized terms, compares them and replaces them with correct ones. You can always be sure that the correct text recognition has been stored for your document.

Reading relevant document information

Relevant document content such as dates, amounts, document types, keywords and document data are intelligently recognized, extracted and used for indexing. In addition, document information relevant to the document, such as the net total, gross total, VAT rate and document currency is searched for and then extracted. This intelligent recognition of the data is completely automatic with PaperOffice.

Unfortunately, during the scanning process of paper documents, there are many factors that can affect the image quality, such as: B. Alignment, folds, font sizes, brightness, handwritten texts and more. This impairs the quality of the text recognition and the read data. This can mean that document templates that have already been taught in are not recognized or that document contents are not stored correctly.

This is where regular expressions come into play.

Regular expressions (regex) are a fantastic way to search for exact values in text.

We explain in detail how you can use regular expressions using explicit examples in the second part of the article.

Getting started is easier than you think.

Are you still worried about not making it? Read case studies from our customers about the PaperOffice integration into your business life and convince yourself of the simplicity or simply apply for a test installation.


To conclude, we will answer a few commonly asked questions on the topic. "Implement intelligent Document Processing correctly: OCR, AI and REGEX":

Who is a paperless office suitable for?

The quick and easy answer to the question is: for every company. All business sectors and sizes benefit from a paperless office, from SMEs and start-ups to large companies. However, the conversion is particularly valuable for small and medium-sized companies: The reduction in processing effort and costs frees up the budget required for further growth boosters.

Can I use a cloud-based DMS provider for my paperless office?

No. Another factor that has been on everyone’s lips since the GDPR came into force in 2018 at the latest is data protection. DMS solutions and DMS software are used to process, manage and store documents that often contain sensitive, personal data. In the event of violations of the GDPR, the legislator provides for high fines.


  • Benefits justify the effort and costs

    Working digitally and bringing old documents into the new age will be the best key investment to save an incredible amount of time, money and nerves in the future.

  • You need someone who knows

    You don't need your own IT specialist to take advantage of all the advantages of digitization.
    What you need is the right partner at your side who, thanks to his experience, can implement exactly what you need. Avoid scaremongering and choose test positions instead of fancy PowerPoint presentations without having really tested it.

  • The hardware is usually already available

    Experience has shown that almost every operation, company and company has a large copier that does not use its potential. These devices love mass scans, are tolerant of paperclips and can be the basis for a digital start without a scanner investment.

  • Cheaper than expected with the right DMS

    Avoid cost traps with DMS / ECM systems where you are mercilessly at the mercy of the manufacturers. Do not make any compromises when it comes to your own administration options, such as teaching documents and making settings yourself. If you need help, the manufacturer will be happy to help you, but remain independent.

  • Digital automation is the future

    Procedures will be completely identical in the future, but fully automated.
    Invoice coming in? The workflow is triggered and everything goes its defined way.
    Search through all 1000 folders? No problem, because you have your own Google!

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

Digital specialist solutions for the automation of business processes

"Manually processing the documents in such a large community would have cost us a lot of time.
With the automated solution from PaperOffice DMS, the manual effort could be greatly reduced, at the same time investments were made in future-oriented technology. We are pioneers in digital property management."

Mr. Alejandro Campos
IT specialist and project manager at the property management El Guijo