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Digital specialist solutions for the automation of business processes

Mr. Alejandro Campos, IT specialist and project manager at the property management El Guijo

Professional tip

House management

Madrid, Spain

Accounting, Administration, Management


Starting position

As a community in real estate management, El Guijo has a lot of important documents to manage: rental contracts, utility bills, construction files, tournament registrations, business documents, notifications and much more.

Unfortunately, property management has so far not benefited significantly from the use of suitable document management software, as no suitable solution has been found so far, although property managers are the ones who benefit significantly from the use of suitable document management software.

In order to solve many existing administrative problems in property management, it was decided to implement a document management system.

The goal of El Guijo was to digitize existing paper documents, bring in process optimization and workflow control over all incoming and outgoing documents, automate a large part of the processes in the background and thus optimize the property management process.

Stack of paper in front of the computer
Paperless work through digital processes

Existing issue

The property manager had to collect important documents on a daily basis. These all had to be assigned to the right residential property, owner, tenant, landlord. But the daily work in the community was also characterized by inefficiencies:

"We had avoidable storage costs by filing documents in folders. In addition, the search for documents was time-consuming and often involved a visit to the archive",

recalls Mr. Alejandro Campos, the IT specialist of the El Guijo community.

Thus, the overall average of the neighbors sometimes exceeds 2500 inhabitants, with more frequent peaks in the summer and holiday periods. As a result, six employees as consultants and a permanent manager in the office as well as outsourced gardening and administrative staff could not cope with the information overload.

Before implementing a document management system, the entire system was paper based. Documents submitted by owners, logs and evidence of maintenance work, complaints were handed over to the administration and then stored en masse in folders.

In the course of digitization, property managers like El Guijo see each other every day with countless rental inquiries, complaints and other concerns now also by e-mail confronted. However, this flood of e-mails can hardly be dealt with manually.

The consequences were long-winded processing times and inefficiencies in processing, retrieving and forwarding the necessary documentation. Accordingly, the community went in search of digital document management.

"We just moved the work forward and now we have a head start."

Alejandro Campos, IT specialist, self-employed for the El Guijo community was looking for a solution to this and all the property management problems. It was also envisaged to digitize all of the municipality's administrative tasks, which were previously largely analogous.

Why the municipality of El Guijo chose PaperOffice DMS

The most important selection criteria were reliability, availability and security, since the managed documents involved confidential content, such as personal documents, as well as invoices, which had to be protected against unauthorized access by access authorizations and release levels .

Various cloud providers or open source solutions were not considered due to the data protection regulations in the municipality, since the security of personal data GDPR and long-term investment security could not be guaranteed.

Since PaperOffice DMS is not a cloud application and stores all data in a central database, which is now on a dedicated server, it was finally decided to test the required scenario with a test.

"Already at the first appointment with PaperOffice you notice the 20 years of PaperOffice experience in the field of document management."

PaperOffice exceeds all document standards and legal guidelines, especially due to the highly encrypted document storage directly on the dedicated server and not in a cloud.

The need for using a document management system that has compliant version control and audit-proof versioning is clearer than ever.

An enormous reason for the decision was the accessibility and the competence of the support, since very bad experiences with other providers have been made in the past.

In particular, to ensure reliability and to simulate real problems, PaperOffice support was contacted several times to assess whether deadlines were met and what the quality of the support was. Here PaperOffice is ahead of every other manufacturer.

Switch to automation through PaperOffice. Goals and timing

With the innovative document management solution from PaperOffice, the municipality of El Guijo has decided to automate most of the daily tasks and documentation.

So it was decided to scan the documents that already existed in paper form and to archive them digitally in PaperOffice. After these are available in digital form, further administrative processes within the community network can also be solved digitally.

The process optimization was started. From now on, documents will be designed digitally by avoiding paper as much as possible. Meetings, minutes, incoming mail, outgoing invoices and notes created directly in PaperOffice. Tasks and workflows are implemented digitally.

With the document management system, all important evidence can be easily submitted - and of course GDPR-compliant. A long wait and the way to the post office were eliminated.

The conversion went very well from the first presentation of the software by PaperOffice to ongoing operation:

"Even after the product demo, we were absolutely thrilled with PaperOffice. We immediately saw the added value and almost three weeks later at an owners' meeting, the resolution on the use of PaperOffice in the community was 100% voted on."

Benefits through digitization with PaperOffice

Meanwhile, all digitized rental contracts, correspondence, logs, plans, insurance documents, etc. are stored in PaperOffice. This is great added value for our owners and tenants, says Mr. Campos of the El Guijo administration. This is one of the reasons why Mr. Campos is certain:

"The future of the property management industry simply lies in digitization."

Thanks to the introduction of the digitization of PaperOffice DMS, the El Guijo community has already been able to:

  • Save time and resources
  • Simplify document access
  • Ensure availability of documents for every authorized employee
The now easier and faster availability of data and documents changes the processes of the community fundamentally and sustainably. Administrative knowledge is now organized transparently and available at the right time.

“Data security, automated workflows, document digitization and the ease of integrating PaperOffice DMS into an administrative environment delivered what this community needed to accelerate paper processes and gain space in their dependencies.”

Each with its specifications and specificities, which in general include the control and verification of administrative operations, the elimination of paper, the indexing of all types of documents related to internal orders, automation and methodology, security (GoBD, GDPR and data protection), optimizing and monitoring processes, making it easier to send files to users (owners in this case) and, of course, saving space in administrative offices.

This collaboration agreement was made because of the large amount of records and recordings held by the community and to ensure that a method of organizing all documentation is established for all community residents and administrators.

End result

PaperOffice has created a solution to current community problems by eliminating the volume of data, streamlining administrative hurdles and ensuring that only authorized employees have access to PaperOffice to prevent document modification or even potential embezzlement of funds avoid.

Thanks to the integration of the PaperOffice document management system, the community can now find the documents and their extensive information in just a few seconds and complete other tasks and workflows.

In addition, the administration can react faster and in a more targeted manner to inquiries, letters and feedback from residents: This makes daily work much easier.

About the El Guijo community

El Guijo is an urbanization/community located in the north-west of the municipality of Galapagar next to the M-510 road, just 40 minutes drive from central Madrid via the A-6.

A privileged place in the Sierra de Guadarrama, located in a population nexus near Collado Villalba, San Lorenzo del Escorial and Galapagar itself, as well as near the Valmayor reservoir and the border with the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León.

Comunidad El Guijo
Comunidad El Guijo

The construction of the urbanization began in the 1970s and was founded in 1977 by statute as a neighborhood community. It has an area of ​​almost 140,000 square meters with a total of 1,104 plots between chalets, apartments, community buildings (several sports fields, three swimming pools, social club and administrative offices) and three children's parks: about half of the country is landscaped areas with a great natural diversity.

The overall average exceeds 2,500 units, with more frequent peaks during summer and holiday periods. In addition, the urbanization has six caretakers, one administrative and three maintenance employees (permanently employed) as well as outsourced gardening and administrative staff.


To conclude, we will answer a few commonly asked questions on the topic. "Community
Property Management
El Guijo":

What tips would you give future PaperOffice users?

It is never too early or too late to deal with the topic of digitization.

The most important thing is to get an idea of ​​the software but also of the company itself. It was important that we didn't feel compelled to purchase the software or sign up for any service and support packages.

Even before we acquired PaperOffice DMS, we spoke to all departments of the company and never felt badly treated. On the contrary: PaperOffice has a nice, courteous and competent team.

For us as a church it was very important that the software is easy to understand but comprehensive.

Who would you recommend PaperOffice to?

We will recommend PaperOffice to all other communities and companies that would like to digitize and automate.

What do you particularly like about PaperOffice?

We are very satisfied with everything.


PaperOffice is a lightweight yet powerful document management system.

Functions that seem meaningless at first, such as the automatic reading of document content, turn out to be the most important functions that you don't want to miss any more over a longer period of time.

"We are glad that we chose PaperOffice, because in the end we got an optimal system, which we can not only administrate ourselves, but also for a fraction of what other manufacturers charge."

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

Digitization in the dental technology industry - successful document management for the dental industry

“Getting chronological results super fast for the annual financial statements and inventories to determine the cheapest purchase price for each individual item. What used to take days can now be done in hours!”

Lars R. Ludewig
owner and managing director of ViaCreative Zahntechnik GmbH