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Automation of business processes in property management and real estate management

PaperOffice DMS for property management and real estate managers enables the efficient handling of the electronic archiving of tenant and property dossiers and the quick processing of inquiries and is the prerequisite for the efficiency and success of your company.

Professional tip

Important documents in existing paper form, such as rental contracts, utility bills, construction files, events, commercial documents, notices are replaced by electronic documents thanks to digitization and thus optimize all work processes to the maximum.

Information about all buildings, business partners, tenants, etc. is available immediately available on demand thanks to PaperOffice DMS.

Digitization in property management and property management

Within real estate management and property management, there are a large number of different documents that need to be managed:

Rental contracts, ancillary cost statements, construction files, events, business documents, notifications and much more. Therefore, property managers and real estate companies are the ones who benefit significantly from the use of suitable document management software.

Important documents are generated every day by real estate managers. These must all be assigned to the correct residential property, tenant, landlord, property.

Work table with house model, hard hat and computer
PaperOffice DMS enables easy recording of documents, their management and quick search and is ideal for property management

All of these documents need to be digitized if they arrive in paper form, require structured filing, task and workflow assignment, and need to be immediately available on demand.

In addition, each document is classified according to its type and can be assigned to people and objects, which you can then even access on the go, regardless of device. You have all information and documents about all buildings, business partners, tenants, etc. clearly in one place, namely your database.

It is very important that important deadlines are met and legal measures are taken to store documents.

In order to solve many existing administrative problems in property management, the PaperOffice document management system should be implemented.

PaperOffice DMS gives you a clear structure in your documents and helps you to cope with the flood of information.

PaperOffice eliminates all time-consuming bottlenecks and creates a clear overview of important documents such as contracts or letters by managing them digitally in PaperOffice in the future.

You can also benefit from digital administrative tasks and keep an eye on all rental and service contracts, official correspondence, which is put on resubmission or assigned to employees by task assignment.

Automate your business processes

No other country in the EU has more inhabitants than Germany and with 234 people per square kilometer it has the third highest population density in Europe after the Netherlands and Belgium, with the exception of Monaco. Around 37 million buildings are spread over an area of ​​357,588 square kilometers. A little more than half of the properties are used as living space, all other properties are used commercially or publicly. An estimated 8 million properties are managed by property managers or real estate managers.

Behind the impressive number of 8 million managed objects there is a considerable amount of maintenance work, which not only results from the activities required to keep the building operational, but also from the provisions, ordinances and laws that are new almost every year. Real estate in Germany is partly subject to state law and partly to federal law. But the list of things that are part of the day-to-day business of real estate management is surprisingly extensive, such as:

  • Rental
  • Lease
  • Service charge statement
  • Debt Collection
  • Deposit Management
  • Management of rental income
  • Sell / Buy
  • Renovation
  • Renovation
  • Repairs
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Property Maintenance
  • Winter service
  • Heating / Electricity / Water / Waste
  • Tax Law
  • Insurance
  • Land register

Behind each individual term in this list are often a large number of very different processes. Of course, there are property management companies that are only limited to one area, such as the exclusive management of rental properties or the pure purchase and sale or management of property owned by a community of owners. But no matter what segment, the tasks are so diverse that every property manager needs effective document management.

That's PaperOffice DMS, a document management software that can do much more than just manage documents.

But what does effective mean for property managers?

The largest sector of the 8 million properties under management mentioned above is rented apartments, followed by office space. This means that, depending on the type, there are fixed costs that have to be paid quarterly, half-yearly or annually. Income, on the other hand, is usually monthly. Depending on the inventory managed, this means maintaining hundreds to thousands of accounts, all of which have specific deadlines and require additional administration when extraordinary changes occur. In addition, there is the proper accounting of income and expenditure.

Extraordinary events include, for example, rent arrears. The point here is to calculate the interest incurred until payment is made, but also to observe statutes of limitations and take appropriate measures.

  • The administration can also include plans that show plot areas to scale and, if necessary, are made available to construction companies for renovations or refurbishments.
  • Proof of the proper investment of deposit funds also requires correct accounting and presentation at all times.
  • Enter changes to tenancy law or land acquisition in good time and thus be prepared for the time when they come into effect.

These are just four examples of what a good document management system can do, such as PaperOffice DMS.

PaperOffice does not distinguish between the types of documents, regardless of whether you need help managing contracts, pleadings and e-mail correspondence: thanks to the PaperOffice document management system, your previous processes in your company digitized, making them more efficient, transparent and significantly more flexible.

Because no matter in what form the documents arrive at the company, whether as paper documents, PDF files, e-mails or photos, they are automatically archived and stored in a secure database.

Important contracts can thus be recognized and terminated in good time or renegotiated. Document release with digital signature and e-mail notification instead of slow paper mail, insecure e-mail contributes to customer loyalty.

Stack of paper in front of the computer
Paperless work through digital processes

The basic framework for digital transformation in property management and real estate

Thanks to the integrated AI, automatic rules are triggered. This AI automatically sorts the documents into folders such as "Invoice" and "Delivery notes", stores appropriate keywords and triggers the digital workflow stored for the respective document type.

PaperOffice meets the highest security standards such as authorization management or the granting of access authorizations. The user defines the individual work steps exactly as they would run, for example the "recording", "checking", "release" and "booking" of invoices.

Responsibility can not only be assigned to individual people, but also to user groups such as "Accounting" or "Production", so that a colleague can step in immediately if an employee is absent.

The OCR technology not only recognizes the document content, but also all tax-relevant data fields such as document number, date, net, tax and gross amount. The imported data is available for controlling evaluations, payment transactions and financial accounting. This saves tiresome entry work and reduces posting errors.

With just one mouse click, the data including the archiving location can be exported to your customer, tax consultant or vice versa.

Woman stands over the table with sketches
Digitization or digital transformation of your paper documents is the prerequisite for efficiency and the success of your company.

The solution: proven know-how

Doesn't it make sense to use management software in practice right away? that not only meets all requirements, but is also easy to learn and inexpensive?

PaperOffice DMS is the tried and tested complete solution for digital work and, with over 20 years of market experience, one of the first DMS pioneers.

Workflow solutions and AI integrity - the ALL-IN-ONE solution with PaperOffice DMS

Companies in property management and real estate managers have to process documents in all business transactions. The constant further development of business models constantly creates new challenges. What they need is a good document management system.

PaperOffice DMS is the right software because it has everything the property management and real estates manager industries need, such as:

  • Storage of documents in all digital formats according to the principles of the GDPR
  • Functions for submitting and resubmitting late documents that require action
  • A self-learning data storage function with tagging and internal search engine
  • Automatic assignment of newly added documents to the correct folder
  • Simple database creation and database connection including individually customizable mask
  • Automated template creation for repetitive processes and operations

Revision-compliant and secure archiving: PaperOffice DMS technically meets the legal requirements of the GoBD, GDPdU and DSGVO

Woman from the construction company is standing in front of a new building
Access to the necessary information at any time

The PaperOffice workflow function simplifies communication. The process-oriented document management ensures that these documents remain up to date with little effort. PaperOffice DMS allows you to easily take applicable retention and deletion periods into account. Digital workflows are integrated into the business processes, which ensures compliance with the essential process steps and thus compliance.

PaperOffice supports this with an extensive task and workflow module.

In this way, certain process chains can be created and existing operational processes can be defined on electronic documents and partially executed automatically.

This represents error-free process optimization, because the task can not only be assigned to employees with specific user rights and completion periods, require digital release, but also automatically trigger further actions, such as email notifications or document status changes.

In this way, relevant metadata can also be stored after the archiving process of documents. In addition to the document type, the archiving period and associated customer information can be specified.

The property management and real estates manager benefit from digital document management

The document management system allows the separate creation of databases for each individual area and can create links at the same time. Analogue documents, such as submitted craftsman invoices, are scanned with PaperOffice DMS and saved both as a photo and as converted text using OCR software. All existing data, for example on a tenant, can be displayed clearly and unambiguously, which is why no files have to be carried along for out-of-house appointments. The AI-controlled database management creates templates from master data or statistically usable lists as required.

At the same time, the necessary data protection is maintained through hierarchical password management and 1024-bit encryption.

Optimize your working time by up to 7.5% compared to paper-based work thanks to the use of PaperOffice DMS.

Save time finding, routing and sharing documents.

With digital stamps, documents can be supplemented with additional information and even control detailed workflows. In turn, the task and workflow function ensures that deadlines are met and completed.

The excellent price-performance ratio of PaperOffice DMS as well as the simple implementation in existing Microsoft operating systems and the intuitive learnability make the software an indispensable helper in every house or real estate management in a short time, no matter how large the inventory to be managed is.


To conclude, we will answer a few commonly asked questions on the topic. "Digitization in property management and real estate management":

How can employees access PaperOffice?

Due to the decentralized and modern program architecture, PaperOffice can be used on almost any device - from classic PCs to smartphones / tablets to televisions.

What happens to the data if PaperOffice doesn't exist?

Won't happen, but to reassure you: You can export your data ANYTIME, because PaperOffice is based on an open database structure, you can access your data at any time.

Topic data protection: Where are all documents stored?

PaperOffice will store all documents in-house with high-level encryption, making it immune to data theft, for example, and exceeding all GDPR and GOBD requirements.
Avoid mistakes: NEVER save the data in a third-party cloud!

Can PaperOffice be adapted exactly to specifications?

Yes, PaperOffice can be 100% adapted to the intended use to ensure seamless integration into existing processes and systems. Even the program interface can be fully designed and freely adapted.


PaperOffice DMS supports property management and real estate management and offers appropriate interfaces to other software, API connections and can be expanded at any time according to your wishes. The software is easy to learn and can be easily integrated into everyday practice without causing absences for training purposes.

PaperOffice DMS recommends using a NAS (network-supported data storage) with a backup function so that important data is neither lost nor spied on in third-party clouds.

Ultimately, PaperOffice DMS impresses with a very good price-performance ratio and immense know-how through over 20 years of practical experience.

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

Digital change in product development - successful document management

“In industry, the topic of digitization is becoming more and more noticeable. This applies, for example, to our technical data sheets, customer data, calculations or our plans, drawings and configurations. After the introduction of PaperOffice DMS, the manual effort could be reduced. We are now pioneers in digitization in production companies, Industry 4.0.”

Mr. Antonio Jesús Sánchez
Managing Director and Product and Process Engineer at Butterfly Engineers S.L.