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PaperOffice is the DMS for ASUSTOR NAS

Optimize your document management with PaperOffice - the powerful document management system that seamlessly integrates with ASUSTOR NAS systems.

Ready to start in just 3 steps!

QNAP and seamless integration with PaperOffice DMS

1. Prepare your
ASUSTOR NAS for PaperOffice

Use the already integrated MySQL database server.

2. Download and install PaperOffice

Download PaperOffice and install it

Download the PaperOffice Windows installer and follow the setup wizard. Once done, start PaperOffice.

Connect PaperOffice <br>to QNAP

3. Connect PaperOffice
with MySQL on your ASUSTOR NAS

Create a PaperOffice user account and follow the database assistant to connect to your ASUSTOR. Done!

Central Document Management

One of the key benefits of using PaperOffice in conjunction with ASUSTOR NAS is centralized document management. This integration facilitates the digitalization of business processes by securely storing all your documents in one place on your ASUSTOR NAS, thanks to PaperOffice's central MySQL database.

This approach not only simplifies access but also ensures the encryption and protection of sensitive information, thereby improving your document management system.

PaperOffice is the central document management system

Fast retrievability

The combination of PaperOffice's lightning-fast search functions and the intuitive thumbnail view supports workflow management by enabling quick retrieval of information.

This function increases productivity in your digital office environment by simplifying the management and access to digitized documents.

Powerful rapid retrieval of information

Comprehensive storage security measures

In every digital office environment, data security is of the utmost importance. ASUSTOR NAS provides robust security features such as RAID redundancy and snapshot support to address data loss and security threats, a crucial component of document management.

These functions also protect your data in the event of a drive failure and provide protection against ransomware attacks or accidental deletions, strengthening the process of document archiving.

Comprehensive storage security measures

Offline functionality and data protection

With PaperOffice, you can work locally without an internet connection, reducing the dependence on cloud solutions and further advancing the goal of a paperless office.

This ensures data security and protects your documents from potential security breaches. By securely storing them on your ASUSTOR NAS server, your data remains safe and accessible at all times, even in offline mode.

Offline functionality and data protection

AI-driven automation

Automating processes in document management is effortless with PaperOffice's AI-driven automation features.

From organizing documents to extracting relevant information, PaperOffice's AI ensures accuracy and consistency in the DMS workflow, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

PaperOffice lists all events of your documents and users in detail

Seamless Integration

The seamless integration between PaperOffice and ASUSTOR NAS creates a cohesive digital office environment. This integration optimizes document management and storage for maximum efficiency, with ASUSTOR NAS designed for 24/7 operation and serving as a reliable host for your PaperOffice account.

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Seamless integration between PaperOffice and Asustor NAS

Dual security strategy: Local storage meets robust backup

In addition, the integration of a robust backup function ensures that your data is always safe, secured, and accessible even in offline mode.

This dual approach with secure local storage and a reliable backup strategy ensures that your documents are always protected and accessible, thereby improving both security and accessibility without specifically referring to any brands or products.

Dual security strategy
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PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

Digitization in pharmacies - Digital healthcare thanks to the integration of PaperOffice DMS

“PaperOffice is one of the best document management systems that we know. Thanks to the different price options, everyone in the company can afford digitization.”

Henrique Santos
Managing director of the pharmacy in Portugal