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Automation of business processes for service providers and dealers of multifunction systems

PaperOffice DMS for service providers and retailers of multifunction systems enables a smooth flow of information thanks to the digitization and automation of business processes.

Professional tip

Written documents, contracts, drafts, invoices, delivery notes and much more are being replaced by electronic documents thanks to digitization, thus optimizing all work processes to the maximum.

The integrated AI enables business processes to be largely automated, accelerating your processes and increasing the success and satisfaction.

Digitization at service providers & dealers for copiers

Specialist dealers for office technology, printing solutions and office systems benefit significantly from the use of suitable data management.

The trend as well as the economic situation and the competitive situation are increasingly moving towards digitizing documents instead of keeping them exclusively in paper form.

This is how most specialist dealers for office technology and printing solutions generate important documents on a daily basis:

Writings, contracts, delivery notes, drafts, supplier invoices and much more. These not only arrive by post, many letters also arrive by e-mail.

But by no means every supplier invoice or every delivery note is available as a file from the outset. Accordingly, reliable, high-quality and powerful scanners and the use of the appropriate document management solution are crucial for successful digitization.

It is very important that important deadlines are met and legal measures are taken to store documents. PaperOffice DMS gives you a clear structure in your documents and helps you to cope with the flood of information.

The industry for office technology and office systems is the one that benefits from the document management system PaperOffice in the form of a solution for the area of ​​digitization but also as a partner.

Because what medium is better than a multifunction device to transform your paper documents from analog to digital?

With a common DMS, for example, scanned mail can be filed, important e-mails can be saved and documents can be archived. In addition, different users can access and work on these documents.

Stack of paper in front of the computer
Paperless work through digital processes

How to go paperless?

PaperOffice eliminates all time-consuming bottlenecks, leads to cost savings, such as the elimination of paper documents, and creates a clear overview of important documents, such as receipts, contracts, delivery notes or other letters, by managing them digitally in PaperOffice in the future .

Capturing, processing, sharing, searching and tracking your documents becomes very easy with the use of PaperOffice.

Thanks to controlled access, detailed task lists, as well as approvals using workflows and reliable email notifications, employees can complete the assigned tasks efficiently and authorized persons can easily approve or deny approval.

With the PaperOffice DMS software solution, no more documents are lost. And no matter where you are, you can access important documents in seconds.

Of course, you always work with our systems in compliance with the law and completely audit-proof.

Receipts, accounts and similar documents no longer have to be sent by post between church districts and parishes. Internal mail can also be sent digitally in this way. This saves paper, costs for additional data storage and trips to archives. Documents can be provided with keywords (editor, topic, status, date, etc.) and then be found more easily.

Process-oriented document management

The process-oriented document management ensures that these documents remain up to date with little effort. PaperOffice supports you here with an extensive task and workflow module.

In this way, certain process chains can be created and existing operational processes can be defined on electronic documents and partially executed automatically.

This represents error-free process optimization, because the task can not only be assigned to employees with specific user rights and completion periods, require digital approval, but also automatically trigger further actions, such as email notifications or document status changes.

In this way, all document processes can be mapped.

PaperOffice does not distinguish between the types of documents, regardless of whether you need help managing contracts, invoices, briefs and e-mail correspondence: thanks to the PaperOffice document management system, your previous processes in the Companies digitized, making them more efficient, transparent and significantly more flexible.

Because no matter in what form the documents arrive at the company, whether as paper documents, PDF files, e-mails or photos, they are automatically archived and stored in a secure database.

Important contracts can thus be recognized and terminated in good time or renegotiated. Document release with digital signature and e-mail notification instead of slow paper mail, insecure e-mail contributes to customer loyalty.

Woman looks at the papers
Large amounts of business information can be digitally captured, securely stored and shared

The solution: proven know-how

Doesn't it make sense to use management software in practice right away? that not only meets all requirements, but is also easy to learn and inexpensive?

PaperOffice DMS is the tried and tested complete solution for digital work and, with over 20 years of market experience, one of the first DMS pioneers.

Today, in the 21st century, there are hardly any copying machines left. The copier has become a multifunctional device in companies, administrations and private households. In addition to the copier function, the devices are able to print and fax, to convert digital content directly into analogue form via the interface to the PC and also vice versa by scanning.

It is precisely in this function that copiers will have the greatest potential for use now, but increasingly so in the near future. The scanning and conversion of analogue to digital information.

According to a survey of 3,500 companies by the DIHK from 2020, their degree of digitization is on average around 50%. All companies are aware of the advantages that digitization brings with it. The companies see the biggest problems in the following areas:

  • Complexity of the systems and processes offered
  • High cost
  • Security Risks
  • Lack of time
  • Extensive training
  • Practically all companies have at least the basic hardware, a copier or multifunction device with scanner and one or more PCs. What is still needed is the right software and it can be found in PaperOffice DMS.

    With PaperOffice DMS, the menu navigation is intuitive and easy to learn. Help menus guide you through each application and at the same time video tutorials are available that explain certain processes step by step. Off-site training for employees is not necessary, but training can be held directly in the company if desired.

    Woman stamps a document
    With digital stamps, documents can be supplemented with additional information and even control detailed workflows.

    PaperOffice DMS creates clear advantages for dealers and service providers of multifunctional devices

    PaperOffice DMS is the right software because it includes everything that specialist dealers need for office technology and printing solutions, such as:

    • Storage of documents in all digital formats according to the principles of the GDPR
    • Functions for submitting and resubmitting late documents that require action
    • A self-learning data storage function with tagging and internal search engine
    • Automatic assignment of newly added documents to the correct folder
    • Simple database creation and database connection including individually customizable mask
    • Automated template creation for repetitive processes and operations

    PaperOffice DMS has a very advantageous price-performance ratio and this with the possibility of connecting up to 800 terminals (display workstations).

    All digital data is encrypted in PaperOffice DMS with 1024 bits and the format is converted. This results in such great hurdles for hackers and spies that they have all failed with PaperOffice DMS so far. At the same time, a hierarchical password management system prevents everyone from having access to everything.

    Financial managers are talking in the background
    Work more efficiently thanks to secure document management and workflow solutions

    Important arguments for including PaperOffice DMS in the budget planning. Finally, PaperOffice DMS also convinces by the fact that sustainability and environmental protection are taken into account. Sooner or later the complete conversion from analogue documents to digital form will take place and then the public institution, which will then already be using PaperOffice DMS, will be well prepared.

    Digital invoice processing is also an advantage for many service providers and retailers of copying systems. Incoming invoices can be automated thanks to PaperOffice DMS and are forwarded to the responsible employee. The control and release process via digital release can also be handled promptly and efficiently via the system.

    With just one mouse click, the data including the archiving location can be exported to your tax advisor or vice versa.

    Revision-compliant and secure archiving: PaperOffice DMS technically meets the legal requirements of the GoBD, GDPdU and DSGVO

    Hand presses a button on a scanner
    Analogue documents are scanned with PaperOffice DMS and saved both as a photo and as converted text using OCR software.

    PaperOffice DMS enables the connection of other software, such as an ERP, and of course the transfer of documents from Microsoft Office via appropriate interfaces. PaperOffice DMS speeds up communication.

    Deadlines and appointments are monitored and actions are automatically triggered depending on the desired setting. Order processes can be automated and even changes that are planned for the future can be entered in such a way that they come into effect at the desired time.

    Thanks to its extensive functions, PaperOffice DMS can definitely be classified in the higher segment of enterprise content management (ECM).

    An ECM includes the overall management of all content in an organization with a corresponding access hierarchy. PaperOffice DMS is able to save any content in digital form, change its content and format and make it available.

    PaperOffice DMS has all the functions of an ECM and this in an excellent price-performance ratio as well as an intuitively learnable form of operation that makes expensive external or internal training unnecessary. Rather, free video tutorials are available to get used to the different menus. PaperOffice DMS can thus become the organizational linchpin in every company in trade and production and this almost at the speed of light.

Service providers and retailers of multifunction systems benefit from digital document management

38% of all companies surveyed simply don't have the time to digitize their processes. We recommend a procedure that starts with the basic process, the scanning of analogue documents at the same time as they are processed. In this way, the group of people who work with the copier every day could also be instructed, as far as possible, to scan the archive bit by bit.

Thanks to the automatic recognition of documents with consistent characteristics, PaperOffice DMS can always assign all scanned documents to the correct storage location in the digital memory. It makes sense to start scanning the archive with the most recent entries in order to further reduce the size of the analog archive as retention periods expire. In addition, we have many guides on how to achieve a paperless office thanks to the scanner.

PaperOffice DMS is the interface between analogue and digital. Using its scan function, the software can read analogue documents, plans and photos into the system via your scanner and digitize them, whereby texts are converted into fonts using OCR, which can be changed in Office programs. Time stamps and versioning ensure that the digital document corresponds to the analogue original.

Optimize your working time by up to 7.5% compared to paper-based work thanks to the use of PaperOffice DMS.

Save time finding, routing and sharing documents.

With digital stamps, documents can be supplemented with additional information and even control detailed workflows. In turn, the task and workflow function ensures that deadlines are met and completed.

So all you need is a copier and PaperOffice DMS to accelerate operational digitization or even get started. A path that is definitely worthwhile.


To conclude, we will answer a few commonly asked questions on the topic. "Digitization at service providers and dealers for multifunction devices":

How can employees access PaperOffice?

Due to the decentralized and modern program architecture, PaperOffice can be used on almost any device - from classic PCs to smartphones / tablets to televisions.

What happens to the data if PaperOffice doesn't exist?

Won't happen, but to reassure you: You can export your data ANYTIME, because PaperOffice is based on an open database structure, you can access your data at any time.

Topic data protection: Where are all documents stored?

PaperOffice will store all documents in-house with high-level encryption, making it immune to data theft, for example, and exceeding all GDPR and GOBD requirements.
Avoid mistakes: NEVER save the data in a third-party cloud!

Can PaperOffice be adapted exactly to specifications?

Yes, PaperOffice can be 100% adapted to the intended use to ensure seamless integration into existing processes and systems. Even the program interface can be fully designed and freely adapted.


PaperOffice DMS supports service providers and dealers for copiers and offers appropriate interfaces to other software, API connections and can be expanded at any time according to your wishes. The software is easy to learn and can be easily integrated into everyday practice without causing absences for training purposes.

PaperOffice DMS recommends using a NAS (network-supported data storage) with a backup function so that important data is neither lost nor spied on in third-party clouds.

Ultimately, PaperOffice DMS impresses with a very good price-performance ratio and immense know-how through over 20 years of practical experience.

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

Digitization in pharmacies - Digital healthcare thanks to the integration of PaperOffice DMS

“PaperOffice is one of the best document management systems that we know. Thanks to the different price options, everyone in the company can afford digitization.”

Henrique Santos
Managing director of the pharmacy in Portugal