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Frequent questions
Can I test PaperOffice for free?

Yes, and you can also access PaperOffice Support!

You can test all versions with the same database for 14 days without restrictions. After that you will no longer be able to log into the database.

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Can I extend the trial period?

To test longer, you can simply create a new database or order a test version if you use PaperOffice commercially.

Instructions in ComDesk Trial installation

Can I use PaperOffice without an active PaperOffice PLUS and therefore without follow-up costs?

Yes, you can use your license for a lifetime without any follow-up costs!

In the ordering process, you decide whether PaperOffice PLUS should be switched off or extended after the free inclusive period.

If you decide that PaperOffice PLUS should not be extended, you can manually activate PaperOffice PLUS at any time within 12 months of license purchase.

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Case study

Efficient estate administration service with PaperOffice: Successful integration and protection against ransomware attacks

A case study from the service industry:
This is how PaperOffice DMS saved the documents of the estate administration company in Serbia from ransomeware attacks