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The PaperOffice Insider Newsletter
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Highest possible discount offers.

Exclusive insider news

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Partnership with PaperOffice

The partnership with PaperOffice not only promises a unique system, but also top commissions. Become an authorized partner and benefit from this unbeatable combination for your success!

In just 3 steps become an authorized partner!

Synology and seamless integration with PaperOffice DMS

1. Convince yourself of the benefits

Let yourself be convinced by the unbeatable advantages of our partner program.

1. Download and install PaperOffice

2. Get in touch

Get in touch and find out more about the benefits that will arise for you through the partnership.

Connect PaperOffice <br>to Synology

3. Become a partner

Become our partner and benefit from exclusive advantages that increase your chances of success.

Highest commissions GUARANTEED

Through our exclusive partnership we offer you not only the highest commissions in the industry, but also an increase compared to your current earnings.

You already receive 30% commission? We will give you 31%! You receive 40%? Then it will be 41%! 50%? Ok, then start at PaperOffice with 51%.

At PaperOffice you can be sure that you will receive top-notch financial incentives that will accelerate your business growth and take your success to a whole new level.

You get the highest commission guaranteed with PaperOffice.

Exclusive partnership for expertise and reputation

Through our exclusive partnership with QNAP, PaperOffice brings extensive know-how and an outstanding reputation in the industry to the table.

This partnership enables our partners to benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in collaboration with QNAP, in addition through official listing at

You can be assured that you have access to first-class technical knowledge and proven solutions to provide your customers with an exceptional document management experience.

Powerful data processing synology nas

Commissions for ALL invoices, including subsequent invoices

At PaperOffice, we value the work of our partners and reward them generously. We pay commissions not only on initial invoices but also on all subsequent invoices generated within our partnership.

Even if PaperOffice takes over the work, you, as a partner, continue to earn.
This means that you benefit from your partnership with us in the long term and can generate a sustainable income. We appreciate your efforts and honor them at every stage of the business process.

No follow up costs with NAS System

Exclusive leads to help grow your business

We provide you with qualified leads so that you can successfully expand your business. Our partnership allows you to reach potential customers without significant effort and cost, increasing your income.

Exclusive leads for our partners

Our partnership:
Diversity for your success

In our partnership with PaperOffice, we respect the diversity of needs of our partners and their clients. We enable a multipartnership that allows our partners to act flexibly.
If you are already a partner of DMS providers like DocuWare or ELO, we do not force you to exclusively choose PaperOffice.

Our ideology promotes choice and enables you to offer various DMS providers in your portfolio in order to offer your clients the best possible solution.

PaperOffice partnership os the diversity for your success

PaperOffice: The pinnacle of innovation in the DMS/ECM sector

Choose PaperOffice as your partner to access the fastest developing DMS/ECM solution.

Our continuous innovation perfectly adapts to changing requirements and offers you ultimate flexibility and performance.

PaperOffice lists all events of your documents and users in detail

Comprehensive training

We go one step further. Our support experts are always available upon request to attend an appointment and take over the PaperOffice presentation. This means that you don't have to focus on time-consuming training.

Instead, you can use your valuable time to achieve the best possible result. Our support professionals are available all day and specialize in providing you with the best possible remote support.

Die PaperOffice-Partnerschaft bietet Vielfalt für Ihren Erfolg

The Flexible Solution for Every Target Group

With PaperOffice TEAM we offer a versatile solution that meets the needs of a wide range of target groups. Thanks to our scalability, PaperOffice TEAM is ideal for SMEs that use on-premise or their own database servers and want to ensure the highest GDPR compliance.

Customers who do not want to operate their own on-premise infrastructure will find the right solution in PaperOffice TEAM Complete, by accessing our fully managed PaperOffice Dedicated Servers in the Strato data center.

For individual requirements, we also offer the customizable Custom version of PaperOffice TEAM, which can solve almost any challenge.

PaperOffice bietet flexible Lösungen für jede Zielgruppe an
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PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

Digital specialist solutions for the automation of business processes

"Manually processing the documents in such a large community would have cost us a lot of time.
With the automated solution from PaperOffice DMS, the manual effort could be greatly reduced, at the same time investments were made in future-oriented technology. We are pioneers in digital property management."

Mr. Alejandro Campos
IT specialist and project manager at the property management El Guijo