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Germany Germany

Realify Systems Limited Europe North
Kastor Tower, Businesscenter Platz der Einheit 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Telephone +49 (0)69 348 7102-0


Schweiz SwitzerlandGerman

Realify Systems Limited Europe Central
Weltpoststrasse 5
3015 Bern

Telephone +41-31 528 09 23


Bitkom has developed a GOBD checklist regarding document management systems according to the latest GOBD version of 11/28/2019, which you can find here SwitzerlandFrench

Realify Systems Limited Europe Central
Chemin des Mines 2
1202 Genève

Telephone +41-22 51 899 59

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Realify Systems Limited Europe
World Trade Center, Ocean Village 6, Bayside Road
GX11 1AA, Gibraltar, British Oversea territories US

Telephone +350 540 791 35

Telephone +44 20 393 616 75 (London, UK)

United Kingdom

United States of America United States of America

Realify Systems Limited Europe North America
2033 Gateway Place, 5th Floor
CA, 95110, United States of America

Telephone +1 408 478-4398

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Spain Spain

Realify Systems Limited Europe South
Businesscenter Casino Admiral Sevilla
41940 Sevilla (Tomares)

Telephone +34 954 054 106


Spain Spain

Realify Systems Limited Europe South
Plaza Solidaridad, 12
29006 Málaga

Telephone +34 919 490 135


Mexico Mexico

Realify Systems Limited Europe LATAM
Torre New York Life
Paseo de la Reforma 342
06600 Mexico City

Telephone +52 55 4746 0473

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Russian Federation

Russian Federation Russian Federation

Realify Systems Limited Europe East
Улица Беговая дом 3 стр. 1
125284 Москва

Telephone +7 499 3466 453

Technical Support

It is best to contact your PaperOffice representative directly or alternatively contact general technical support at


If you believe you have discovered a security risk in a PaperOffice application, the PaperOffice platform, or our infrastructure that could have a negative impact on PaperOffice or PaperOffice users, please call us immediately.

Press and Partnership Inquiries

To contact PaperOffice about partnerships or press inquiries, please call us.

Privacy Policy

PaperOffice respects the privacy of every person who visits our website and of those who use our software.

PaperOffice stands for security, transparency and trust. For this reason in particular, PaperOffice will never store data in the United States.

PaperOffice stores any data exclusively on dedicated hardware from STRATO AG Berlin in Germany.

We will only collect data for personal processing and use if you voluntarily choose to provide the data or expressly consent to it. In such cases, you hereby accept the following terms of use.

When you visit our website, certain data is automatically stored on our servers for system administration, statistical or backup purposes. This is the name of your Internet service provider, possibly your IP address, the version of your browser software, the operating system of the computer used to access the site, the website from which you visit us, the websites you visit on our site and, if applicable, search words you used to find our website. Under certain circumstances, this data may allow conclusions to be drawn about a specific visitor to the website.

However, personal data is not used in this context. The use of such data is exclusively anonymous.

If you register for a PaperOffice account or use one:

    We collect your username, email- address, contact preferences. Your name, picture, and other personally identifiable information if you have chosen to share it. The geographic area where you use the service on your devices and the language you choose. Your device identifiers. Actions you take when using the Service, such as using certain features of the Service, and the types of devices and software used. Non-personal information that indicates your affiliation with one of our business partners or with one of our promotions (as applicable). Your payment information in order to process your payments. With regard to payment information, only temporal information is noted, as for the payment settlement you will always be billed for the software and you will have to instruct it yourself.


PaperOffice undertakes to treat your personal data with privacy, confidentiality and security, as well as to protect the security of your data and takes appropriate measures in this regard. Thus, no personal data will be stored by us. All data you enter to create the PaperOffice account is anonymized so that no reference to your person is displayed.Tracking InformationPaperOffice uses cookies and similar technologies to support features such as user authentication and user preference storage. We also use them to understand user behavior on our service and to manage and track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. In addition, in our email messages and newsletters, we may use these technologies to determine whether messages have been opened and links clicked.

Communication Lines

We may contact you by email from time to time according to your communication preferences and send you information about product announcements, services that may be of interest to you, software updates and special offers. We may also inform you about products and services offered by our business partners. You can opt out of these communications at any time by following the appropriate instructions in the emails.If someone uses an email address, phone number, social media profile, or other personally identifiable information that is not associated with your PaperOffice account to contact you about PaperOffice collaboration features, PaperOffice will contact you on the sender's behalf through the communication channel they choose.

Collaboration features and authorization information

The PaperOffice service includes some collaboration features. When you use these features to collaborate with other users, some of the personally identifiable information you provide to PaperOffice may become visible to those other users.In addition, anyone who has access to a shared document or document folder can view it. Here, the user can see the contents of all documents contained, as well as information about by whom and when the documents were created, document history, keywords, notes, contacts, and reminders for those documents if the user who shared that document or document folder has so consented.

Access by PaperOffice employees to my documents and information

PaperOffice employees do not have access to your data or information. It is stored directly on your PC or server and we do not have access to it. In case of remote connection from one of the support staff, it can be done only with your explicit permission as well as the communication of the access data. In the case of any remote connection, you consent to access to your PC or server by PaperOffice employees. PaperOffice employees will also not have access to your data or information if you share documents, document folders or folders for web access.

Data storage and processing

When you use the PaperOffice software on your device, such as when you use one of our downloadable applications, the content is stored locally on that device. If you choose to sync the device with the Service, or make your files available on Web Access, the content is also stored on servers that we and our service providers operate in Germany. This means that when you post information to the PaperOffice website or PaperOffice software, or submit information to the website or software, or synchronize the PaperOffice software with the PaperOffice service, you agree that such information, including personally identifiable information and content, will be hosted or accessed in Germany and there. Data protection laws and regulations in your country may differ from those in Germany. However, we will collect, store and use your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable law regardless of where it is processed.

PaperOffice OnlineServices

All external files that are processed via the PaperOffice OnlineServices are subject to the highest data protection regulations and are therefore highly encrypted by the MasterKey of the respective user account according to the zero-knowledge policy.PaperOffice exclusively uses dedicated server hardware from Strato AG, based in Berlin Germany. You can find more about data security at Strato AG under this Link . Data is irrevocably destroyed immediately after processing. All processing is done autonomously.

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