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PaperOffice automatically installs the latest updates

Software updates are important for your digital security and cybersecurity. The sooner you update, the sooner you can be sure your device is more secure - until the next update reminder.

Windows is constantly changing

Software updates do many things

Software updates offer many benefits, such as fixing discovered security vulnerabilities, adapting to recent changes in operating systems, and fixing or removing computer bugs.

Updates can add new features to your software and remove outdated ones.

Attackers have no chance

Updates help close security gaps

Hackers love security holes, also known as software vulnerabilities. Thus, a pretext like fixing the vulnerabilities is programmed in the form of codes. The code is packaged in malware - short for malicious software.

Software updates often contain software patches. They cover the security holes to keep hackers out.

Data is your capital

Software updates protect your data

You can use it to commit crimes in your name, or sell it on the Dark Web for others to commit crimes.

If it is a ransomware attack, your data may be encrypted.

Tip: By storing your documents in PaperOffice database you are protected against such ransomware attacks as well.

Avoid claims for damages

It is not only about your data

If your device has a virus, it could spread to your friends, family and business partners. That is why it is important and advisable to keep your software and systems updated.

A trusted security program like the ones we recommend can help keep your devices safe.

Along with using PaperOffice to manage your documents and information - and the data is protected.

Save money with reliability

You deserve the latest and greatest

Updates not only fix security vulnerabilities, but also add new features and improve existing ones. You certainly want to stay up to date, don't you?

In this way, software updates are really all about you. Your software program may get a new shot of stability - no more crashes. Or an update may boost program performance - more speed.

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The way to the digital town hall - digitization of the administration

"Easy integration and operation of PaperOffice DMS provided the overall solution that this industry needed: minimize paper consumption, speed up search processes, automate assignment to clerks and enable storage of process-related data."

Mr. Carlos A. Garcia Marketing and Communications Manager