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Automation of business processes in the catering and hotel industry

PaperOffice DMS for gastronomy enables a smooth flow of information between departments thanks to the digitization and automation of business processes.

Professional tip

Written documents, contracts, drafts, receipts, delivery notes and much more are being replaced by electronic documents thanks to digitization, thus optimizing all work processes to the maximum.

The integrated AI enables business processes to be largely automated, accelerating your processes and increasing the success and satisfaction.

Digitization in the catering and hotel industry

As a catering and hotel industry, you have a lot of important documents to manage:

Entertainment receipts, invoices, delivery notes, contracts and much more. Therefore, catering and hotel businesses are the ones that benefit significantly from the use of suitable document management software.

Without a suitable document management system, there is a lot of manual effort.

All of these documents need to be digitized if they arrive in paper form, require structured filing, task and workflow assignment, and need to be immediately available on demand.

PaperOffice eliminates all time-consuming bottlenecks, leads to cost savings, such as the elimination of paper documents, and creates a clear overview of important documents, such as receipts, contracts, delivery notes or other letters, by managing them digitally in PaperOffice in the future .

The best solution is to use well thought-out document management software such as PaperOffice DMS.

You can also benefit from digital administrative tasks and keep an eye on all rental and service contracts, official correspondence, which is put on resubmission or assigned to employees by task assignment.

Receptionist on the phone and looks at the monitor
PaperOffice DMS creates clear advantages in the catering industry

The digital and audit-proof archiving of documents and receipts ultimately leads to legal certainty in accordance with the provisions of the GoBD.

How paperless in the catering and hotel industry?

PaperOffice eliminates all time-consuming bottlenecks, leads to cost savings, such as the elimination of paper documents, and creates a clear overview of important documents, such as receipts, contracts, delivery notes or other letters, by managing them digitally in PaperOffice in the future .

Capturing, processing, sharing, searching and tracking your documents becomes very easy with the use of PaperOffice.

Thanks to controlled access, detailed task lists, as well as approvals using workflows and reliable email notifications, employees can complete the assigned tasks efficiently and authorized persons can easily approve or deny approval.

With the PaperOffice DMS software solution, no more documents are lost. And no matter where you are, you can access important documents in seconds.

Of course, you always work with our systems in compliance with the law and completely audit-proof.

Process-oriented document management

The process-oriented document management ensures that these documents remain up to date with little effort. PaperOffice supports you here with an extensive task and workflow module.

In this way, certain process chains can be created and existing operational processes can be defined on electronic documents and partially executed automatically.

This represents error-free process optimization, because the task can not only be assigned to employees with specific user rights and completion periods, require digital approval, but also automatically trigger further actions, such as email notifications or document status changes.

In this way, all document processes can be mapped.

In addition to a whole range of other advantages, PaperOffice DMS is the ideal tool for controlling various documents.

Each document, from the invoice for a pack of drinks from the supermarket to the various reservations, service executions and cancellations - everything can be saved in the correct chronological order and called up as required.

Document management software such as PaperOffice DMS is best suited for these tasks. Because it is a document management software that can do much more than just manage documents.

PaperOffice does not distinguish between the types of documents, regardless of whether you need help managing contracts, pleadings and e-mail correspondence: thanks to the PaperOffice document management system, your previous processes in the company are digitized , making them more efficient, transparent and significantly more flexible.

Because no matter in what form the documents arrive at the company, whether as paper documents, PDF files, e-mails or photos, they are automatically archived and stored in a secure database.

Important contracts can thus be recognized and terminated in good time or renegotiated. Document release with digital signature and e-mail notification instead of slow paper mail, insecure e-mail contributes to customer loyalty.

Cook writes something down
Capturing, processing, sharing, searching and tracking your documents becomes very easy with the use of PaperOffice DMS

The solution: proven know-how

Doesn't it make sense to use management software in practice right away? that not only meets all requirements, but is also easy to learn and inexpensive?

PaperOffice DMS is the tried and tested complete solution for digital work and, with over 20 years of market experience, one of the first DMS pioneers.

Celebrating parties, eating well without having to cook yourself, experiencing something extraordinary, meeting up with friends, that's in people's blood.

It is not for nothing that the restaurant association DEHOGA recorded a total of almost 158,000 companies in the restaurant industry for 2020, not including overnight accommodation such as hotels or guesthouses. In Germany, for example, there is one company from the Gastro & Event sector for every 518 inhabitants.

No other trade in Germany can boast such a high density.

Even if the catering industry is very popular as a business, it is by no means easy, especially since the legal framework is associated with more and more regulations, such as the obligation to provide a receipt or the obligation to use a cash register. As a rule, “grown” family businesses have it a little easier, and Germany has a long tradition in this respect.

In terms of content, a lot has happened in terms of gastronomy and events in today's globalized world, from back then to the 21st century. Just as there are a variety of different gastronomic offers, events of all kinds are held. Accordingly, the organizational effort is enormous and requires appropriate administration in order to keep an overview.

There is a wide variety of gastronomy software that is mainly used to book orders, create receipts and calculate taxes correctly. But what about everything else? It is not uncommon for event organizers or restaurateurs to find drawer management with a rather chaotic appearance.

One of the reasons for this is that paper still plays a major role in gastronomy and event management. Delivery notes, invoices, contracts, offers and other things literally flutter into the house, simply because in the catering industry personal contact with the restaurateur is more important for suppliers and representatives than in any other industry. Delivery notes and the like can be brought with you right away. But what is the easiest way to create order and keep an overview? PaperOffice DMS is the answer to this question.

PaperOffice DMS creates clear advantages in the catering industry

Thanks to PaperOffice DMS, seamless integration of the DMS software into the existing IT infrastructure of the hotel and catering industry can be carried out without any problems, which also means the optimization of business processes.

The document management software converts analog paperwork into digital data, even with a cell phone camera. Because the management of hospitality receipts and delivery notes should not be underestimated in this industry.

Thanks to the use of PaperOffice DMS and the scanner connection available from the factory, employees can digitize incoming analogue documents without much effort. This ensures that all important documents can be found at any time.

Hand presses a button on a scanner
Analogue documents are scanned with PaperOffice DMS and saved both as a photo and as converted text using OCR software.

In addition, paper documents can be recorded with a smartphone or tablet and these can be sent directly to the laptop with the Windows operating system, for example thanks to the integrated "Dropmail" mail function. Here, in turn, PaperOffice DMS allows the import of the images and converts them into text formats, of course the photo format is retained.

The OCR software integrated in PaperOffice DMS distinguishes between a logo and normal text. Delivery notes from partner companies or hospitality receipts can be found quickly at any time, for example during research, using an OCR search, thus ensuring the greatest possible transparency and legal certainty.

The archiving can also be carried out in such a way that all subsequent documents from a sender are recognized and automatically assigned.

In addition, PaperOffice DMS offers restaurateurs and event managers other practical tools such as a workflow function, ideal for controlling at events, the automated creation of templates, such as menus, and statistical evaluations, such as customer frequency or drink consumption.< /p>

Hotel Lobby Restaurant
Companies from the catering and hotel industry benefit from digital document management

Important arguments for including PaperOffice DMS in the budget planning. Finally, PaperOffice DMS also convinces by the fact that sustainability and environmental protection are taken into account. Sooner or later the complete conversion from analogue documents to digital form will take place and then the public institution, which will then already be using PaperOffice DMS, will be well prepared.

Digital invoice processing is also advantageous for many companies in the catering and hotel industry. Incoming invoices can be automated thanks to PaperOffice DMS and are forwarded to the responsible employee. The control and release process via digital release can also be handled promptly and efficiently via the system.

With just one mouse click, the data including the archiving location can be exported to your customer, tax consultant or vice versa.

Revision-compliant and secure archiving: PaperOffice DMS technically meets the legal requirements of the GoBD, GDPdU and DSGVO

Negotiations for a contract
Digitization with PaperOffice brings immense advantages

PaperOffice DMS enables the connection of other software, such as an ERP, and of course the transfer of documents from Microsoft Office via appropriate interfaces. PaperOffice DMS accelerates communication in trade and production with suppliers and customers.

Deadlines and appointments are monitored and actions are automatically triggered depending on the desired setting. Order processes can be automated and even changes that are planned for the future can be entered in such a way that they come into effect at the desired time.

Thanks to its extensive functions, PaperOffice DMS can definitely be classified in the higher segment of enterprise content management (ECM).

An ECM includes the overall management of all content in an organization with a corresponding access hierarchy. PaperOffice DMS is able to save any content in digital form, change its content and format and make it available.

PaperOffice DMS has all the functions of an ECM and this in an excellent price-performance ratio as well as an intuitively learnable form of operation that makes expensive external or internal training unnecessary. Rather, free video tutorials are available to get used to the different menus. PaperOffice DMS can thus become the organizational linchpin in every company in trade and production and this almost at the speed of light.

Companies from the catering and hotel industry benefit from digital document management

With PaperOffice DMS, however, there are far more possibilities for restaurateurs. For example, inventory management including a permanent or a key date inventory. The basis for PaperOffice DMS are linked user accounts in the network. The data storage of these user accounts is combined in the central database. The documents can be controlled via an AI with different algorithms, which can be used to trigger automated processes.

Optimize your working time by up to 7.5% compared to paper-based work thanks to the use of PaperOffice DMS.

Save time finding, routing and sharing documents.

With digital stamps, documents can be supplemented with additional information and even control detailed workflows. In turn, the task and workflow function ensures that deadlines are met and completed.

PaperOffice DMS has clever menu navigation that is logically structured and allows intuitive operation in many areas. Video tutorials available free of charge on the Internet provide additional support and, of course, training courses can also be held directly at the customer's company headquarters if desired.

In addition to documenting the different types of phases, PaperOffice DMS is equally suitable for supporting logistical tasks for material procurement. Thanks to the possibilities of setting up databases in PaperOffice DMS, material purchase and material consumption can be monitored and assigned warning levels. The internal AI can be used to create templates that react automatically if there are bottlenecks or shortages, for example if repeat orders are placed, although the existing quantity should actually be sufficient. The workflow function can be used for this purpose, with which the responsible employees of the company can compare the execution of their tasks.

PaperOffice DMS in the catering and hotel industry, so that contact with the guest is not neglected because of all the paperwork.


To conclude, we will answer a few commonly asked questions on the topic. "Digitization in the gastronomy and hotel industry":

How can employees access PaperOffice?

Due to the decentralized and modern program architecture, PaperOffice can be used on almost any device - from classic PCs to smartphones / tablets to televisions.

What happens to the data if PaperOffice doesn't exist?

Won't happen, but to reassure you: You can export your data ANYTIME, because PaperOffice is based on an open database structure, you can access your data at any time.

Topic data protection: Where are all documents stored?

PaperOffice will store all documents in-house with high-level encryption, making it immune to data theft, for example, and exceeding all GDPR and GOBD requirements.
Avoid mistakes: NEVER save the data in a third-party cloud!

Can PaperOffice be adapted exactly to specifications?

Yes, PaperOffice can be 100% adapted to the intended use to ensure seamless integration into existing processes and systems. Even the program interface can be fully designed and freely adapted.


PaperOffice DMS supports the catering and hotel industry and offers appropriate interfaces to other software, API connections and can be expanded at any time according to your wishes. The software is easy to learn and can be easily integrated into everyday practice without causing absences for training purposes.

PaperOffice DMS recommends using a NAS (network-supported data storage) with a backup function so that important data is neither lost nor spied on in third-party clouds.

Ultimately, PaperOffice DMS impresses with a very good price-performance ratio and immense know-how through over 20 years of practical experience.

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

Digital change in the grating industry - successful document management

“In the grating industry, the topic of digitization is becoming more and more noticeable. This applies, for example, to our delivery notes, parts lists or our plans, drawings and configurators. After the introduction of PaperOffice DMS, the manual effort could be reduced. We are now pioneers as a digital grating manufacturer.”

Mr. Stephan Reichel
Managing Director of K60 Gitterrostsysteme GmbH & Co.KG