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PaperOffice is the DMS for QNAP NAS

Optimize your document management with PaperOffice - the powerful document management system seamlessly integrated with QNAP NAS systems.

Ready to start in just 3 steps!

QNAP and seamless integration with PaperOffice DMS

1. Prepare your QNAP NAS for PaperOffice

Use either the built-in MariaDB database server or any other via QNAP Docker.

2. Download and install PaperOffice

2. Download and install PaperOffice

Download the PaperOffice Windows installer and follow the setup wizard. Once done, start PaperOffice.

Connect PaperOffice <br>to QNAP

3. Connect PaperOffice to MariaDB on your QNAP NAS

Create a PaperOffice user account and follow the database wizard to connect to your QNAP. Done!

Seamless integration without additional apps or installations

PaperOffice offers a seamless integration with QNAP NAS systems, making the document management system extremely easy to set up and use on these devices.

QNAP and seamless integration with PaperOffice DMS

Powerful data processing

With PaperOffice on QNAP NAS, you can efficiently process and organize large amounts of data, which is invaluable for businesses with extensive documentation.

Powerful data processing synology nas

No additional costs

Experience cost-effective document management with QNAP and PaperOffice DMS. Instead of expensive cloud storage solutions, use your NAS to securely and affordably store documents. Enjoy complete control over your data without having to worry about cloud follow-up costs.

No follow up costs with NAS System

Advanced security

PaperOffice offers robust security features to protect your company data on the QNAP NAS, including encryption, user permissions, and privacy policies.

Advanced security through PaperOffice DMS and Synology NAS

Efficient Document Management

PaperOffice offers powerful features for document organization, search, and collaboration to increase the efficiency of your workflow and save time.

PaperOffice lists all events of your documents and users in detail


No matter whether your company grows or your requirements change: PaperOffice on the Synology NAS flexibly adapts to your needs and enables easy scaling.

PaperOffice lists all events of your documents and users in detail
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Case study

The digital path of patriarchy with PaperOffice DMS

"We are delighted after a year and a half of work and yet we have not yet fully exploited this fantastic masterpiece."

Pedro Silva
Administrative Assistant of the Patriarchate of Lisbon