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Digitization is no longer a luxury, but a must-have

Digitization or digital transformation is the prerequisite for efficiency and success. The necessity of digitization is no longer an optional luxury, but a must in order to remain competitive in the long term.

Professional tip

Medical files in existing paper form, such as doctor's letters, findings, endoscopy images, protocols and other documents are replaced by electronic documents thanks to digitization and thus optimize all work processes to the maximum.

PaperOffice not only enables document management, but also enables the instant access to current and accurate patient data.

Digitization in healthcare and practices

Technical change does not stop at the healthcare industry either - for the benefit of patients and doctors. But despite this progress, many practices, healthcare providers and doctors still use outdated systems to manage their document-intensive processes in administration, finance or human resources.

In the healthcare sector, you have a lot of important documents to manage: findings, doctor's letters, patient data, images and protocols, etc.

Therefore, medical practices, care facilities and other healthcare providers are the ones who benefit significantly from the use of suitable document management software.

Notebook with PaperOffice stands on a tidy table
Digitization has a positive impact on the environment and many other benefits

All of these documents must be digitized if they arrive in paper form, require structured filing, task and workflow assignment, and must be immediately available on demand.

In addition, each document is classified according to its type and can be assigned to patients, which you can then even access on the go, regardless of device. So you have all the information and documents about all patients, findings, protocols, etc. clearly in one place, namely your database.

It is very important that important deadlines are met and legal measures are taken to store documents.

In order to solve many existing administrative problems in healthcare, the document management system PaperOffice should be implemented.

The Challenge

The paper medical file that the MTA provides to the doctor in the treatment room still has a good reputation.

No fewer doctors still swear by it today.

But is information about a patient's health typed on paper really beneficial?

Advocates of the classic medical record defend it primarily with the argument that the information on it cannot be accidentally deleted or changed.

This can be done with a DMS medicine like PaperOffice does not happen due to the audit-proof document storage. All documents are safe from manipulation and access by unauthorized persons.
PaperOffice employee holds her hands over her head
Paperless office can bring many benefits to your business

The actual reason for the rejection of digital processes in some areas of healthcare is often that there is a lack of will and time, but also that the costs associated with digitization are avoided.

There is no way around digitization in healthcare

The seemingly bitter pill of digitization for some healthcare professionals can be sweetened with the right software, but it cannot be avoided.

The main reason for this is the introduction of the electronic health record for patients with statutory health insurance on January 1, 2021.

Since this date, patients have the right to have the physicians treating them enter all values, the type of treatment and also prescribed or administered medication in the digital file, abbreviated to eGA.

Nurse talks to a patient
Safety and trust for your patients

The solution: proven know-how

Doesn't it make sense to use management software in practice right away? that not only meets all requirements, but is also easy to learn and inexpensive?

PaperOffice DMS is the tried and tested complete solution for digital work and, with over 20 years of market experience, one of the first DMS pioneers.

How PaperOffice improves digital processes in the medical sector

The PaperOffice DMS Healthcare document management system brings organization and data protection under one hood.

Innovative systems like this offer optimized search and retrieval tools that reduce response times and ensure that documents can never be lost, with which customers are always satisfied.

In addition, the use of digital documentation also means less record storage space and office costs. Hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers can scan their paper documentation and store and organize digital copies in a secure, structured system.

Thanks to the implementation of PaperOffice, the staff can concentrate on patient care again.

Doctor with child and ultrasound
Working digitally = more time for patients

PaperOffice DMS combines all necessary and helpful tools for data management under one roof, for example in a group practice:

Depending on the software version, PaperOffice DMS enables access to almost any number of screen workstations (up to 800). Individual databases can be created for each medical specialty, which are of course password-protected.

Digitization with PaperOffice brings immense advantages

Take the following examples:

Minimize misuse
The PaperOffice scan function allows the health card to be captured with a passport photo, which prevents card misuse. Misuse of the health card is not just a question of costs. The data that may already exist can lead to incorrect treatment of the person.

Real-time access to patient data
Using the workflow function, the reception desk can send the available data directly to the doctor in charge of each medical record to the computer in the treatment room.

Avoid personnel errors
The integrated database management using AI can be used to create personalized templates into which certain previously selected data are automatically entered. This can be just as helpful for statistical evaluations as for the transmission of data to the electronic health record.

Chief physician explains digital work with PaperOffice to a nurse
PaperOffice eliminates work and stress


To conclude, we will answer a few commonly asked questions on the topic. "Digitization in healthcare":

How can staff access PaperOffice?

Due to the decentralized and modern program architecture, PaperOffice can be used on almost any device - from classic PCs to smartphones / tablets to televisions.

Topic data protection: Where are all documents stored?

PaperOffice will store all documents in-house with high-level encryption, making it immune to data theft, for example, and exceeding all GDPR and GOBD requirements.
Avoid mistakes: NEVER save the data in a third-party cloud!

Can PaperOffice be adapted exactly to specifications?

Yes, PaperOffice can be 100% adapted to the intended use to ensure seamless integration into existing processes and systems. Even the program interface can be fully designed and freely adapted.


PaperOffice DMS supports the medical staff in medical practices and clinics as well as in pharmacies and offers appropriate interfaces to other software, such as digital libraries for medical literature. The software is easy to learn and can be easily integrated into everyday practice without causing absences for training purposes.

PaperOffice DMS recommends using a NAS (network-based data storage) with a backup function so that important patient data is neither lost nor spied on in third-party clouds.

Ultimately, PaperOffice DMS impresses with a very good price-performance ratio and immense know-how through over 20 years of practical experience.

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

Digitization in pharmacies - Digital healthcare thanks to the integration of PaperOffice DMS

“PaperOffice is one of the best document management systems that we know. Thanks to the different price options, everyone in the company can afford digitization.”

Henrique Santos
Managing director of the pharmacy in Portugal