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Hi, we are PaperOffice!

Born in Germany. At home in Europe. Known worldwide.

The entire PaperOffice TEAM has been working for innovation for over 20 years

Our mission?

We empower companies to transform unstructured data into actionable insights using our comprehensive AI-based solutions. With PaperOffice, you can move from manual processes to over 90% automated document processing in minutes by leveraging advanced data analysis and proactive task management.

Our powerful API, among other things, enables seamless integrations, allowing you to automate workflows, extract valuable information, and make faster, more precise decisions across your entire document ecosystem.

Over more than

24 industries worldwide

PaperOffice is chosen because of its advanced AI, seamless API integrations, robust document management systems (DMS) and efficient archiving solutions.
Over more than

2,3 Mio. licenses

introduced worldwide to provide advanced AI capabilities, robust API integration, enhanced document tools for digital confirmation and processing, as well as efficient archiving features.
For more than

600 million documents

Per year, PaperOffice offers advanced AI-driven solutions, seamless API integrations, and robust document management system (DMS) capabilities.

We developed PaperOffice to solve our own problems.

Our PaperOffice historie

Everything began out of necessity

Formerly known as Schönland X-Media Media Agency, our company faced the challenge of finding an effective DMS. CEO Daniel Schönland recognized that existing solutions on the market were expensive, cumbersome to use, and unsuitable for an emerging startup like ours.

2009: Database Revolution / COMPUTERBILD Magazine CD

In 2009, PaperOffice was first released with MySQL databases to ensure audit security. Computerbild honors PaperOffice by presenting the first edition "PaperOffice CBE" on their magazine CD.

This marked the debut of PaperOffice on the international market accompanied by its first user interface in English language

2012: COMPUTERBILD starts again in 3 countries.

After its immense success, PaperOffice 2012 launches exclusively in collaboration with the German, Polish, and Russian editions of Computerbild

Over 150,000 delivered PaperOffice Computerbild Edition licenses break all records.

2015: Revolutionary new architecture

Inspired by the visionary approach of Apple, PaperOffice under the leadership of its founder Daniel Schönland began its own revolution, comparable to the spirit of Steve Jobs. The directive was clear and radical: Everything new. Everything improved. Everything rethought.

VB6 was decommissioned. At a critical moment, it was decided that what was then PaperOffice 2015 would mark the end of an era with its unchanged VB6 core from 2002.

QNAP selects PaperOffice exclusively as DMS worldwide

The architecture of PaperOffice makes it the ideal complement for NAS devices and offers a comprehensive solution for document management in digital offices.

QNAP, a leading NAS manufacturer with over 6 million devices worldwide, collaborates with PaperOffice to support its most popular NAS devices, including those from QNAP.

PaperOffice is the sole authorized provider of document management systems for QNAP NAS worldwide.

2020: Ideal Home Office DMS

COVID-2019 transforms PaperOffice into the ideal Home Office DMS. The rapid progress of digitization is crucial to enable seamless and secure access to all documents, even from home offices.
By pooling all development resources, PaperOffice overnight transforms into the perfect all-in-one solution that enables continuous productivity from home.
From the beginning perfected: PaperOffice integrates from the ground up all the benefits of the cloud without relying on external clouds, and ensures strict compliance with regulations such as GOBD and DSGVO without additional effort.

ASUSTOR selects PaperOffice globally as DMS

In a decisive alliance marking a new phase in digital document management, PaperOffice announces its partnership with Asustor in 2024. Asustor, a subsidiary of ASUS known for its expertise in NAS solutions (Network-Attached Storage), selects PaperOffice as its exclusive provider of document management systems (DMS).

Asustor, a worldwide leading provider of NAS devices committed to cutting-edge technology, recognizes the robust architecture and comprehensive feature set of PaperOffice as an ideal complement to its hardware solutions. The goal of this partnership is to optimize document processing workflows for businesses worldwide, offering seamless integration and enhanced efficiency.

Coming 2025: PaperOffice Smart AI Suite

In 2025, PaperOffice will introduce its groundbreaking Smart AI Suite, redefining the landscape of digital productivity. PaperOffice has evolved beyond its origins as a Document Management System (DMS) and now integrates multiple modules under an AI-powered umbrella.

Experience automated processing for optimized workflows, robust API functions for seamless system integration, and AI Creator for intelligent content generation. AI Vision sets new standards in data visualization, while tools like PDF Studio offer comprehensive PDF management features. Storage Mount ensures effortless data access across multiple platforms.

PaperOffice Smart AI Suite is more than an upgrade – it is a paradigm shift in office technology, offering companies unprecedented efficiency and innovation. Welcome the future of intelligent solutions with PaperOffice Smart AI Suite.

Appreciated by the largest companies worldwide using data-driven strategies

PaperOffice continues to drive innovation and empower businesses with innovative solutions

Take a look at our latest advancements in data-driven solutions and discover why leading companies worldwide trust PaperOffice.
Use of PaperOffice®, PaperOffice® API, PaperOffice® Online API or PaperOffice® components in third-party software

At PaperOffice, we uphold the 3-principle: collaboration, customer loyalty, and community engagement.

We are a hybrid and flexible team with offices in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, and the USA.
Founded in Germany and grown worldwide.

With more than 173 employees and partners across Europe, our diverse work culture promotes collaboration. Individuality is our strength. Each task is approached individually to ensure perfect solutions tailored to you.

PaperOffice Team worldwide

Security and compliance at enterpriselevel

PaperOffice is committed to protecting your confidential data by complying with global industry-specific security standards.


Compliance with GDPR

Regulates the use and storage of personal data of EU citizens.


ISO 27001 certified

Ensures the security of your data and the privacy of your customers.


PCI DSS Certification

Protects credit/debit card data during every monetary transaction of a customer.


21 CFR Part 11

Supported standards for electronic documentation and electronic signatures by FDA.


HIPAA Compliance

Protects the private health data of your patients.


European AI Alliance

Ensures compliance with ethical standards and guidelines for the development and deployment of AI technologies across Europe.

6 reasons why customers love us

We developed PaperOffice Smart AI Studio with a revolutionary goal:
Empowering businesses to revolutionize decision-making with data.
From our humble beginnings, we managed with little help and began our fight against the systemic injustice faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) oppressed by large corporations.

That's why our customers love us.

API-first approach for seamless integration

Our customizable API seamlessly adapts to your business needs optimizes workflows and increases efficiency Ideal for companies seeking unique solutions to maximize their operational performance

All-in-one platform for Smart Management

was deployed worldwide to utilize advanced AI capabilities, robust API integration, and efficient archiving features.

Super simple setup for quick deployment

per year PaperOffice offers advanced AI-powered solutions, seamless API integrations, and robust DMS features.

Customizable API to adapt to individual businessrequirements

PaperOffice is selected due to its advanced AI, seamless API integrations, robust document management system (DMS), and efficient archiving solutions.

Advanced AI Functions

are used worldwide to ensure robust API integration and efficient archiving functions. These significantly improve the processing and analysis of documents and optimize the digital workflow in companies.

Secure encryption and compliance with data protectionregulations

per year PaperOffice offers advanced AI-powered solutions, seamless API integrations, and robust DMS features.

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What else can we say?

We simply love to make difficult things simple.

Proposed for nomination: 2024.
Use of PaperOffice®, PaperOffice® API, PaperOffice® Online API or PaperOffice® components in third-party software

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

How IDC Construccion is revolutionizing Document Management in the Construction Industry with PaperOffice DMS

A case study from the construction industry: This is how PaperOffice DMS optimized project management at IDC Construccion