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4 SLA Highlights at a glance

Discover the highlights of PaperOffice SLA - from your own contact person and personal support to comprehensive, expandable services such as supporting your database server.

Direct training and support for third-party software

Thanks to SLA, support also includes third-party software support as well as general consulting, remote training, customization, coaching, and strategic planning.

With PaperOffice SLA, you have a strong partner by your side to optimize your business processes and effectively achieve your goals.

Advanced support hours

With PaperOffice SLA, you benefit from extended support hours to ensure that you always receive the support you need to effectively and efficiently continue your business processes.

Support by phone, email, AnyDesk, WhatsApp, Skype

Support can be provided through all desired support channels, on-site support and consulting (worldwide).

No matter where you are or what requirements you have, PaperOffice SLA ensures that you receive the support you need to keep your business processes running smoothly and efficiently.

Recording and provision of all AnyDesk sessions

With PaperOffice SLA you get the recording and provision of all AnyDesk sessions to ensure that you have a complete and transparent documentation of all remote support sessions.

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Implementing intelligent document processing correctly:
OCR, AI and REGEX (Part 1)

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New Release

The 10 most important advantages of digitizing paper documents - How to do it correct

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Case study

How IDC Construccion is revolutionizing Document Management in the Construction Industry with PaperOffice DMS

A case study from the construction industry: This is how PaperOffice DMS optimized project management at IDC Construccion