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Automatic document capture made easy

Tedious document searching and manual document capture are a thing of the past! Thanks to automatic document detection and digital document capture, you save time, effort, and nerves when filing and tagging your documents.

Detection using PaperOffice AI artificial intelligence with the highest precision
Instant detection and classification of documents, without templates, without learning
Automatic data extraction from documents

Comprehensive automation solution for diverse use cases

What is digital receipt capture?

Automated document capture refers to the process of capturing information and data from various types of documents, especially business documents such as invoices, receipts, delivery notes, and other documents. The traditional way of manually entering data into accounting systems or other systems can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Thanks to PaperOffice AI's innovative artificial intelligence, automated document capture allows for nearly flawless data extraction, with an accuracy rate of 99.99%, all without the need for extensive training, templates, REGEX, or other time-consuming measures. See it in action for yourself!

What is digital receipt capture?

Be convinced in 3 steps

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1. Select any document

Simply select your desired document, whether it's an invoice, a delivery note, a driver's license, or a blueprint. Our easy process makes it effortless.

2. Download and install PaperOffice

2. Extract data

With just one click you can have all the data from your selected document read out accurately. No templates, no complicated settings - pure simplicity.

Data is read out without any problems

3. Experience efficiency

Experience how effortless and efficient our automatic receipt capture works. See how accurately and quickly your data is extracted. Test it now!

Revolutionary document capture with PaperOffice AI

Thanks to the groundbreaking AI technology of PaperOffice AI, you never have to deal with the time-consuming manual typing of receipts and invoices again.

Whether your documents are already available digitally as a PDF or you have just scanned a receipt, our technology automatically extracts the entire document content and stores all the important data for future steps like automated workflows or efficient task assignments. Thus, the annoying manual transfer of invoice data finally belongs to the past!

Revolutionary document capture with PaperOffice AI

Efficient workflow control

With PaperOffice, you effortlessly define intuitive workflows, where documents are reviewed and approved before being transmitted to accounting. These automated processes enable efficient integration of all relevant persons into the process.

Whether you want to assign individual employees to a standard cost center, implement multi-level approval processes based on purchase amount, or apply rules based on suppliers – with our solution, your customization options are virtually limitless.

Through the precise extraction of all document information by PaperOffice AI and the high reliability, multi-level workflows can be carried out smoothly, which further increases the efficiency of your processes.

Efficient workflow control

Advantages of automated document capture with PaperOffice

Reduction of errors and
Time savings

Our AI technology automatically captures and extracts all information from documents, regardless of their type. This enables a significant increase in efficiency in processing documents and receipts.
The automatic capture significantly accelerates the entire process of receipt capture, thereby saving valuable time.

Cost and
resource saving

By automating document capture, the costs for labor hours and resources are reduced. It also enables a more efficient management of financial resources, as it provides more accurate insights into financial data.

Processing of all
document types

No matter if it's receipts, cash receipts, project plans or craftsman invoices - with PaperOffice you can easily digitize and process all types of documents. You are not dependent on specific templates or formats, as the AI is adaptable and can adjust to different documents. Define your release workflows and keep an eye on your finances.

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