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Manage your documents securely and efficiently with PaperOffice and ASUSTOR NAS

Your ASUSTOR NAS and ASUSTOR certified PaperOffice DMS (Document Management System) are powerful tools that can help increase the efficiency of your organization.

Professional tip

ASUSTOR NAS ensures reliable data storage and fast data recovery, while a DMS improves organization, search and document access.

The integration of both systems enables more efficient work, simplifies data storage and management, increases employee productivity and reduces costs.

Systems for document management, also known as DMS, support your organization in the electronic and structured organization of business documents. A DMS is therefore an important step towards a paperless office.

In combination with your ASUSTOR NAS you form the ideal duo to digitize analog storage and increase the efficiency of search and archiving processes increase.

The PaperOffice document management system is the only DMS system in the world officially approved by ASUSTOR for your ASUSTOR devices.

What is a NAS?

The Taiwanese company ASUSTOR sells various network attached storage devices (NAS devices) under the name “ASUSTOR NAS”. These devices allow both companies and private users to protect their data efficiently and to organize and use it individually.

A NAS is a file server with its own operating system that provides its storage space over the network.

ASUSTOR NAS offers the ideal conditions for all companies, but especially SMEs, for quickly and easily storing company data.

In the following article we will show you how you can get the Maximum out of your ASUSTOR NAS for your company and how Document management can work very easily and without Docker. p>

Why use NAS instead of cloud?

There are several reasons why you should use a NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution instead of a cloud-based solution, here we list a few examples:

  • 1. Control and Security:A NAS is within the physical control of the company, meaning that as a company you have full control over your own data and can ensure that this data is safe and secure.
    However, in a cloud environment, your data is transferred to an external provider and is not subject to the same security standards as the company itself.

  • 2. Data protection: Companies must comply with legal regulations when storing personal data via the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Therefore, when selecting storage technologies and services, companies must ensure that they comply with data protection regulations.
    A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a more suitable choice than a cloud solution when it comes to GDPR compliance.
    Since it remains the property of the company, the data can be processed and protected directly by the company in a controlled manner. A NAS also offers a high level of flexibility as the data does not have to be stored in an external data center. Companies can also encrypt the data on the NAS to protect it from unauthorized access.
  • 3. Internet Connection:A NAS can be used independent of an internet connection, making it ideal for businesses operating in rural areas or areas with unstable internet connections.

  • 4. Cost:Cost is an important advantage that a NAS offers over cloud storage. A NAS is cheaper to purchase than a cloud service because you only have to pay for it once and it's all yours.
    In addition, the monthly costs for a NAS are significantly lower than for a cloud service. Because with a NAS there are no monthly subscription fees to pay. Additionally, a NAS does not incur additional bandwidth fees that may apply with a cloud service.

  • 5. Flexibility: A NAS offers companies more flexibility in choosing hardware and storage capacity. It also allows storage space to be expanded to meet the growing needs of the business.

An ASUSTOR NAS combined with PaperOffice DMS offers your company a simple and reliable solution for managing your documents.

PaperOffice DMS is an easy-to-use software that allows businesses to organize, store, categorize and manage their documents so that they can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere.

By combining NAS and the effective management of PaperOffice DMS, you can increase the productivity of your business by ensuring that documents are accessed quickly and reliably can be. It also provides additional protection for the data as it is stored on the NAS and not on local computers or external cloud.

How complex is the database installation and setup?

The database installation and setup on your ASUSTOR NAS is not at all complicated and does not require an IT specialist.

The setup with the help of PaperOffice YouTube videos can be done within a few minutes, even for laypeople.


There is a video on YouTube on the topic of "ASUSTOR NAS ADM 5 PaperOffice DMS database installation & setup & configuration MariaDB 10". This process is explained easily and understandably:

How does your data get onto the ASUSTOR NAS?

There are several ways to transfer data to the PaperOffice document management system (DMS) running on an ASUSTOR NAS (Network Attached Storage). Here are some examples:

Scan documents

The process is simple: If the data is not yet available digitally, documents in paper form must first be scanned or photographed.

Male hand scans a paper document along with <strong><a href='' class='link polink_internal'>Synology</a></strong> DMS
Your scanner together with PaperOffice DMS are the best partners to make your company paperless

With your scanner or other digitizing device, the document is not only converted into an image, but its contents can also be “read” electronically. The scanner function integrated into PaperOffice DMS connects to your scanner and thus transfers the digital medium to the document management software.

We have already discussed how best to integrate your scanner to digitize the documents in another Article written.

Digital document storage

Data in digital form, such as emails or digital files, can easily be dragged and dropped into the PaperOffice interface. If you want to archive several documents without manual effort, the folder monitoring integrated in PaperOffice is suitable for this. This enables smooth archiving in the background.

Existing data

PaperOffice's document management system also makes it easy for users to move the digital data that was previously stored on the hard drives of laptops or desktop PCs to a shared data storage system, the ASUSTOR NAS.

All existing data can be imported into the document management system with just one mouse click.

Added value and benefits of ASUSTOR NAS together with PaperOffice DMS

Using an ASUSTOR NAS (Network Attached Storage) in combination with the document management system (DMS) PaperOffice offers a number of advantages, some of which are:

  • 1. Centralized Data Management: The DMS allows all documents and files to be stored and organized in a central location, making collaboration and data access easier as every employee can access the files they need , without having to copy them to a USB stick.
    This saves time and prevents errors that can arise from manual transmission.

  • 2. Increased Security: The NAS offers additional security features such as encryption and redundancy to protect data from loss or unauthorized access. As well as high data security through various backup options.
    Automatic backups can be created so that important files can be restored in the event of a failure or accidental deletion. There is also the option to encrypt data to ensure that sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access.

  • 3. Increased access speed: The NAS allows you to access and edit data faster, increasing productivity.

  • 4. Easy maintenance and updating: The DMS and NAS are independent of each other and can be maintained and updated independently, making maintenance easier.

  • 5. Increased Flexibility:The combination of ASUSTOR NAS and PaperOffice DMS offers a variety of configuration and customization options to meet the needs of the business.

  • 6. Easily expandable storage:As businesses often grow and require more storage, an ASUSTOR NAS can be easily expanded to meet growing needs. This is more cost-efficient and easier to implement compared to other storage solutions, such as external hard drives or cloud solutions.

  • 7. Support for mobile access and remote work: By using ASUSTOR NAS and PaperOffice DMS, you can access and edit data from anywhere, expanding the possibilities of remote work and mobile collaboration.

  • 8. Increased Efficiency: Using PaperOffice DMS and ASUSTOR NAS allows you to find data faster, organize and automate processes, increasing efficiency.

  • 9. Extensive user management: Among other things, the ability to create and manage multiple user accounts.
    This means that companies can set different access rights for different employees or departments. For example, a financial accounting employee may have access to financial documents, while a marketing employee may only have access to marketing documents.

A DMS enables companies to store and manage their documents and files centrally. It makes searching and collaboration easier because employees can access the files they need from anywhere. It also offers the ability to automate document workflows to save time and resources.

A document management system (DMS) combined with an ASUSTOR NAS (Network Attached Storage) offers companies a powerful and reliable solution for corporate document management and storage as well as access to your documents and files.


To conclude, we will answer a few commonly asked questions on the topic. "ASUSTOR Document Management DMS for NAS":

Who is a paperless office suitable for?

The quick and easy answer to the question is: for every company. All business sectors and sizes benefit from a paperless office, from SMEs to start-ups to large companies. However, the change is particularly valuable for small and medium-sized companies: By reducing processing effort and costs, the required budget is freed up for further growth boosters.

Can I use a cloud-based DMS provider for my paperless office in the company?

No. Another factor that has been on everyone’s lips since the GDPR finally came into force in 2018 is data protection. DMS solutions and DMS software are used to process, manage and store documents that often contain sensitive, personal data. Lawmakers provide for high fines for violations of the GDPR.


  • Benefits justify the effort and costs

    Working digitally and bringing old documents into the new age will be the best key investment to save an incredible amount of time, money and stress in the future.

  • You need someone who knows about it

    You don't need your own IT specialist to take advantage of all the advantages of digitalization.
    What you need is the right partner at your side who can use their experience to implement exactly what you need. Avoid scaremongers and choose test situations instead of fancy PowerPoint presentations without actually testing it.

  • The hardware is usually already there

    Experience has shown that almost every business, company and company has a large copier that does not take advantage of its potential. These devices love mass scans, are tolerant of paper clips and can be the basis for a digital start without investing in a scanner.

  • Cheaper than expected with the right DMS

    Avoid cost traps with DMS / ECM systems where you are mercilessly at the mercy of the manufacturers. Don't make any compromises when it comes to your own administration options, such as learning the document yourself and making settings. If you need help, the manufacturer will be happy to help you, but remain self-sufficient and independent.

  • Digital automation is the future

    Processes will be completely identical in the future, but fully automated.
    Invoice coming in? The workflow is triggered and everything follows its defined path.
    Search all 1000 file folders? No problem, because you have your own Google!

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

Digitization in the dental technology industry - successful document management for the dental industry

“Getting chronological results super fast for the annual financial statements and inventories to determine the cheapest purchase price for each individual item. What used to take days can now be done in hours!”

Lars R. Ludewig
owner and managing director of ViaCreative Zahntechnik GmbH