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Synology NAS deployment for SMEs brings immense benefits

Document management systems, DMS for short, support your company in the electronic and systematic management of business documents. A DMS is therefore in many ways the first step towards a paperless office. Together with your Synology NAS, you make the perfect team to digitize analog storage and speed up search and archiving processes.

Professional tip

We list advantages of using your Synology NAS over a cloud and give you at least 7 reasons why you should use the document management system (DMS) PaperOffice together with your Synology NAS.

What is a Synology NAS?

The Taiwanese company Synology sells various network-attached storage devices (NAS devices) under the name "Synology NAS". These devices allow both companies and private users to protect their data efficiently and to organize and use it individually.

A NAS is a file server with its own operating system that makes its storage space available over the network.

Synology NAS provides the ideal conditions for all businesses, but especially SMBs, to store corporate data quickly and easily.

In the following article we will show you how you can get the most out of your Synology NAS for your company and how document management can work easily and without Docker.

Synology DMS NAS devices stand next to a laptop
Using Synology NAS devices is highly advisable for any business of any size

Why use NAS instead of cloud?

Almost everyone who has dealt with the topic of document storage in the company has certainly asked this question.

There are various providers of storage space in a cloud on the Internet. Using this has advantages, but also disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is undoubtedly the handing over of the data to third parties. Even if it is promised that the stored documents are absolutely secure, no company in the world can guarantee this 100%.

Not only hacker attacks can endanger data security, depending on where the cloud provider is based, the respective national laws can enable the relevant authorities and companies to access the content completely legally. Unfortunately, the United States is a bad example. As early as April 2017, the well-known computer magazine “c’t” warned against US clouds, since experts rated their data protection as very low. But data leaks are also possible at any time in the EU or in Germany, whether due to sloppiness on the part of the operator of the respective cloud or due to secret powers of European secret services.

Many companies, especially SMEs, see this as an obstacle to data security and therefore advocate using their own server, such as Synology NAS.

Taiwanese company Synology is the world leader in the manufacture of network attached storage. Instead of the insecure cloud of a third-party provider, there is an internal network whose storage capacity can be adapted to requirements.

The sensible solution for companies is therefore to set up an intranet with a common server for all connected terminals. The NAS forms the heart of the hardware, the central data storage.

Cloud Lösung gegen Synology NAS Lösung
Datenspeicherung in der Cloud ist ein Hindernis für die Datensicherheit vieler Unternehmen

What is digital document management?

Over time, many important documents accumulate in a household - and even more so in a company. Efficient management of these documents is essential for economic success and a simple overview of insurance policies, contracts, documents, etc.

The documents can be kept in paper form in folders. However, they then take up a lot of space and, above all, are difficult to search through.

This is where digital document management shows its advantages: archiving requires little space, data can also be backed up at a different location and a great advantage: there is a full-text search that searches in the documents and quickly finds all the documents you want finds.

Having clarified one of the most important advantages of using a NAS, which is complete control and rationalization of costs, it is time to understand how the document management on the Synology NAS should be done and how Synology DMS works.

Digital document management, also known as a document management system, is used to store, manage and control the flow of documents and information within an organization. In addition, the most important function of a DMS is to serve as a connection between your Synology NAS and your data.

Databases are used for communication between the computers connected to the network and the NAS.

PaperOffice DMS database is on your Synology NAS
All data is stored with high security encryption in the database, which is located on your Synology NAS

The central focus of a data management system like that of PaperOffice DMS are logically structured databases, the structure of which allows the highest possible security, but also lightning-fast access to documents.

PaperOffice DMS takes the safe route, because all data is stored in highly encrypted form in the database, which is located on your Synology NAS. This is how document management is created on your NAS, the so-called Synology DMS.

This means that you always have access and control over your data.

In this way, all of a company's documents are always available and not only when the colleague in question has his computer running and allows data access. Of course, hierarchical levels are also possible on the NAS, i.e. setting up different, password-protected access levels.

How complex is the database installation and setup?

The database installation and setup on your Synology NAS is not complicated at all and does not require an IT specialist.

Particularly because the operation of Docker containers is known to be an unstable and unreliable integration solution, PaperOffice has decided to provide a proven and reliable solution for data storage through the direct, native use of MariaDB.

In contrast to the Docker installation, the setup with the help of PaperOffice YouTube Videos is done within a few minutes, even for the layperson.

What are the advantages of not using Docker containers?

The better PaperOffice decision to do without Docker has massive advantages that you can use any Synology NAS and not the expensive Plus series.

Which has a positive effect on your wallet and is easy on the budget.

How does the data get onto the Synology NAS?

Scan documents

The process is simple: if the data is not yet available in digital form, paper documents must first be scanned or photographed.

Male hand scans a paper document along with Synology DMS
Your scanner together with PaperOffice DMS are the best partners to make your company paperless

With your scanner or other digitizing device, the document is not only converted into an image, but its contents can also be "read" electronically. The scanner function integrated in PaperOffice DMS connects to your scanner and thus transfers the digital medium to the document management software.

About how best to integrate your scanner, to digitize the documents, we already have described in another article.

Digital document storage

Data in digital form, such as e-mails or digital files, can be easily dragged and dropped into the PaperOffice interface. If you want to archive several documents without manual effort, the folder monitoring integrated in PaperOffice is suitable for this. This enables smooth archiving in the background.

Existing Data

PaperOffice's document management system also makes it easy for users to move the digital data that was previously on the hard drives of laptops or desktop PCs to a shared data storage device, the Synology NAS.

All existing data can be imported into the document management system with just one click.

There are also many other ways to get your data into the document management system, which are already integrated in PaperOffice DMS in the standard version.

Added value and benefits

Here are some of the most outstanding benefits of document management on your Synology NAS:

  • Minimum investment with maximum benefit for individual workstations and teams
  • Save yourself immense acquisition costs for expensive servers or cloud services - integrate the Synology NAS into your network and connect PaperOffice to the NAS: Done!

  • Keep control of your data
  • Due to the PaperOffice architecture, the combination with a Synology NAS is the perfect solution for complete document management in the digital office.

    Synology is a convenient solution designed for 24/7 operation. Synology supports your PaperOffice to deliver all documents and related information to all network users and OwnCloud technology on the go.

    Thanks to the easy database installation and the lack of Docker containers, Synology offers a wide range of NAS models that work seamlessly with PaperOffice. So not only large companies can benefit from digitization.

  • All the advantages of a cloud, but without the follow-up costs and uncertainty
  • Synology not only offers NAS models equipped with powerful CPUs, but also offers the ability to create multiple RAID groups and caching and tiering. Implement technologies that allow you to create a hybrid storage solution that enables massive storage capacity, breakthrough performance, and budget-conscious spending.

    You invest only once for the purchase of your NAS and document management system, have full control over your data and have no follow-up costs.

  • Easy data backup Backup function of your data
  • Thanks to the Synology Hyper Backup package, you can automatically create backups of your database. Thanks to the PaperOffice workshops on YouTube, the setting is done within a few minutes.

  • Save time searching for documentation and costs managing and storing it
  • Increase productivity with collaboration tools
  • Agility and automation of administrative tasks with the creation of workflows that allow the integration of documents and business processes in a controlled environment and clearly defined and monitored activities

  • Not to forget the positive "side effect" of higher internal and external customer satisfaction

Getting started is easier than you think.

Are you still worried about not making it? Read case studies from our customers about the integration of Synology and PaperOffice DMS in various industries and see the simplicity for yourself.


To conclude, we will answer a few commonly asked questions on the topic. "Document Management for Synology NAS":

Who is a paperless office suitable for?

The quick and easy answer to the question is: for every company. All business sectors and sizes benefit from a paperless office, from SMEs and start-ups to large companies. However, the conversion is particularly valuable for small and medium-sized companies: The reduction in processing effort and costs frees up the budget required for further growth boosters.

Can I use a cloud-based DMS provider for my paperless office?

No. Another factor that has been on everyone’s lips since the GDPR came into force in 2018 at the latest is data protection. We recommend using your Synology NAS.


  • Benefits justify the effort and costs

    Working digitally and bringing old documents into the new age will be the best key investment to save an incredible amount of time, money and nerves in the future.

  • You need someone who knows

    You don't need your own IT specialist to take advantage of all the advantages of digitization.
    What you need is the right partner at your side who, thanks to his experience, can implement exactly what you need. Avoid scaremongering and choose test positions instead of fancy PowerPoint presentations without having really tested it.

  • The hardware is usually already available

    Experience has shown that almost every operation, company and company has a large copier that does not use its potential. These devices love mass scans, are tolerant of paperclips and can be the basis for a digital start without a scanner investment.

  • Cheaper than expected with the right DMS

    Avoid cost traps with DMS / ECM systems where you are mercilessly at the mercy of the manufacturers. Do not make any compromises when it comes to your own administration options, such as teaching documents and making settings yourself. If you need help, the manufacturer will be happy to help you, but remain independent.

  • Digital automation is the future

    Procedures will be completely identical in the future, but fully automated.
    Invoice coming in? The workflow is triggered and everything goes its defined way.
    Search through all 1000 folders? No problem, because you have your own Google!

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

The way to the digital town hall - digitization of the administration

"Easy integration and operation of PaperOffice DMS provided the overall solution that this industry needed: minimize paper consumption, speed up search processes, automate assignment to clerks and enable storage of process-related data."

Mr. Carlos A. Garcia Marketing and Communications Manager