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Digital change in product development - successful document management

Mr. Antonio Jesús Sánchez, Managing Director and Product and Process Engineer at Butterfly Engineers S.L.

Professional tip

Industry and trade

Córdoba, Andalusia, Spain

Research and Development Department, Accounting


Starting position

A company that is exclusively dedicated to product development, process engineering and is involved in all manufacturing phases - from the first idea to the end product - is flooded with files and documentation, such as technical data sheets, customer data, calculations and plans every day.< /p>

Project information, which takes up more and more storage space over the years and is no longer easy to find, especially in administrative offices, is gradually becoming fatal.

The company's objective was to digitize existing paper documents, bring in process optimization and workflow control over all incoming and outgoing documents, automate a large part of the processes in the background and thus optimize the process.

Industrial engineer putting on a headset work PC with two monitors
Digitization with PaperOffice brings immense advantages

Existing problems and tasks

In the past, information was only stored in paper form, such as the design and planning or specifications of a product or product development, but today there is a variety of information sources and documents in many organizations: e-mails, forms, sketches are just as much a part of it as electronic invoices and paper receipts, letter mail, delivery notes, contracts etc.

Thankfully, thanks to ongoing IT developments, this type of work is now digitally driven. Many process steps are now becoming part of a 100% digital and automated practice, as Industry 4.0 confirms.

However, paper is often indispensable when it comes to freehand drawings or ideas, as well as administration, invoices or customer information.

In addition to designing and manufacturing, Butterfly Engineers specialists must also create documentation such as assembly manuals, safety instructions and technical documentation to study the feasibility of projects.

Agility and speed in handling one's files are fundamental in modern companies, and even more so when the follow-up of projects, the analysis of their costs or the various studies that make them profitable depend on this documentation.

Therefore, the objective of Butterfly Engineers was to adapt to the industry and to be able to act digitally as an industrial company 4.0.

"We had avoidable storage costs by storing documents in folders. In addition, the search for documents was time-consuming",

recalls Mr. Antonio Jesús Sánchez, Managing Director and process engineer at Butterfly Engineers.

Why Butterfly Engineers chose PaperOffice DMS

The Butterfly Engineers company is dedicated to product development, process engineering and support engineering, it handles a large amount of documentation that needs to be digitized, but the most important points for implementing a DMS like PaperOffice are the security and the speed of the indexing and the search process.

Except that they have complete confidence that a paperless digital office is possible.

"We work with a lot of technical information every day. Storing all the information in paper format is cumbersome and expensive for us. The future search for it is also very tedious.
PaperOffice allows us to easily access it from anywhere, to easily find specific files or documents and above all to ensure their security."

Butterfly Engineers is also aware that PaperOffice's encryption method allows to protect the most sensitive documents from possible leaks, espionage or accidents. Especially when a company with these characteristics goes through standards and patents, protecting elements that are essential to a company.

Sketches and plans of a product development
Security and trust in archived data - Immediate access and perfect workflow solutions are the key to success

Moreover, the operational details of the software become even more attractive when you have a support team of the highest quality, complying with all the strictest legal European directives (GDPR, RGPD and GoBD) and the encryption of the files absolutely is invulnerable. It is also noteworthy that the data can be exported at any time by authorized persons and the database is accessible to the company's IT staff and administrators at any time.

Switch to automation through PaperOffice: goals and schedule

For Butterfly Engineers, it was clear that sooner or later they would have to switch to digitization in order to create a competitive advantage.

As a company that is more connected to technological development than other industries, Butterfly Engineers trusted in a positive impact of a DMS introduction and successful implementation in a paperless office.

"A document management system enables us to effectively manage company information quickly and easily. In this sense, PaperOffice is a very extensive and fairly understandable system. It's easy to use and accessible for small and medium-sized businesses like ours.”

Successful implementation: advantages of digitization with PaperOffice DMS

Thanks to the introduction of the digitization of PaperOffice, the company was able to:

  • Minimize paper usage
  • Save costs and storage space
  • Automate administrative tasks
  • Perform process optimization thanks to folder monitoring
  • Ensure secure delivery of documents

But thanks to the digitization of PaperOffice, Butterfly Engineers was also able to:

  • Save time and resources
  • Ensure control and verification of administrative processes
  • Enable easy access to documents and files
  • Availability of documents for each authorized employee
  • Enable secure and long-term archiving of documents, sensitive data, patents, industry manuals or developments

"Data security, document digitization and the easy integration of PaperOffice into an industrial environment gave the company what it needed to index the files and the search for documents."

The easier and faster availability of data and documents is changing the company's processes fundamentally and permanently. Administrative knowledge is now organized transparently and available at the right time.

End result

PaperOffice has found a way to put an end to one of the major problems companies are currently facing:

The administration of documents (document management) and process digitization.

The inconvenience of the data volume has been limited to remove administrative hurdles, to ensure that only authorized employees can access PaperOffice and to avoid the modification of documents or even the leakage of technical information.

The company is also planning to further expand this successful cooperation, since PaperOffice perfectly fulfills the options available to it.

Thanks to the integrity of PaperOffice DMS, technical sheets, plans, data, invoices and sketches are quickly found - this allows the company Butterfly Engineers to locate project data within a few seconds and help their customers with great accuracy.


To conclude, we will answer a few commonly asked questions on the topic. "Product Development, Processes and Support Butterfly Engineers S.L.":

What tips would you give future PaperOffice users?

It is never too early or too late to deal with the topic of digitization.

The most important thing is to get an idea of ​​the software but also of the company itself. It was important that we didn't feel compelled to purchase the software or sign up for any service and support packages.

Even before we acquired PaperOffice DMS, we spoke to all departments of the company and never felt badly treated. On the contrary: PaperOffice has a nice, courteous and competent team.

For us as a public institution, the process is becoming more and more complicated and involves a lot of bureaucracy. Therefore, trust in the system and the software was very important. Of course, it was also very important that the software was easy to understand.

Who would you recommend PaperOffice to?

We will recommend PaperOffice to all other companies that would like to digitize and automate.

What do you particularly like about PaperOffice?

We are very satisfied with everything.


PaperOffice is a lightweight yet powerful document management system.

Functions that seem meaningless at first, such as the automatic reading of document content, turn out to be the most important functions that you don't want to miss any more over a longer period of time.

"I'm glad I chose PaperOffice because in the end we got an optimal system. We can administrate it ourselves and are well on the way to becoming a digital office."

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

Efficient estate administration service with PaperOffice: Successful integration and protection against ransomware attacks

A case study from the service industry:
This is how PaperOffice DMS saved the documents of the estate administration company in Serbia from ransomeware attacks