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Modern construction companies: increasing efficiency through digitization with document management

Discover how document management is revolutionizing construction companies by streamlining workflows and simplifying access to information. Digitization reduces administrative work and increases efficiency in construction projects.

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With document management, construction companies can automate their business processes, simplify communication between project participants and increase the security of documents and data. By using an integrated DMS system, construction companies can store and manage their data and documents in a central location.

In the construction industry, it is important that documents and data can be found and processed quickly and efficiently.

Therefore, reliable document management is a must. This solution allows you to access all relevant data and documents and find them easily.
It also enables construction companies to improve communication between the different project stakeholders to simplify, which leads to faster and more efficient project processing.

Document vaults also offer construction companies a high level of security for their data and documents. This security is guaranteed by the extensive encryption features built into these types of solutions.

Helmet is on site
DMS solution for digitization in construction

Construction Document Management: An Overview

The construction industry is a very dynamic and complex industry with many challenges. To remain competitive, construction companies need to be able to work efficiently and provide a safe environment. A decisive factor for this is the right document management.

Construction is an important industry that has experienced growth over many years. With the introduction of modern technologies and the emergence of new business models, business processes in construction have become even more complex.

In order to be able to work more efficiently and effectively, it is therefore necessary to implement a reliable and powerful document management system (DMS).

What is a document management system for construction?

Document managers, also known as document management software (DMS), are a type of software that was specially developed for any type of document management (whether analogue or digital) in order to simplify and optimize the handling of documents. This type of software can be configured for each industry, such as construction, to cater to the specific needs of construction.

For example, a construction vault can be used to make access to project plans, engineering drawings, construction orders, material requirements, invoices, estimates, and other documents easier and more efficient.

Notebook in the Spediton warehouse with PaperOffice DMS
Traceability of important relationships thanks to digital folders and document folders

It can also help improve communication and information sharing between the parties involved, facilitate collaboration and reduce the cost of the construction project.

Why document management is necessary for construction companies

In the construction industry, document management is an essential tool to ensure efficient and safe work. It is the perfect tool to manage and edit all documents related to a construction project.

With document management software, construction companies can ensure that all documents created for a project are stored centrally and are accessible.

This enables optimized collaboration and efficient data exchange between the various project participants.

What are the advantages of using document management for construction companies

By implementing a document management system for construction, companies can achieve many benefits.

These include:

  • More efficient data management: Software enables construction companies to store and organize all documents centrally. This enables faster and more efficient data management.
  • Trust is good, control is better: In addition, by implementing document management, companies can also gain better internal control over the access rights within the company to documents and the Increase document security. This can be particularly useful when protecting sensitive information such as financial or customer data.
  • Easy access to all documents: With one piece of software, construction companies can access all documents relevant to the project from any location.
  • Secure document management: Thanks to document management, construction companies can store their documents securely and protect them from unauthorized access.
  • Cost Savings: Document management can help construction companies save money by reducing paper costs, printing costs, and other costs such as storage costs.
  • Better collaboration: Thanks to document management, construction companies can improve collaboration between project participants by allowing documents to be shared easily and securely. This makes collaboration easier.
  • Legal Compliance: Document archiving is subject to legal requirements in many countries. Document vaults help construction companies comply with these regulations by ensuring secure and lawful storage of documents. They also support compliance with data protection regulations and deadlines for document retention.

How do I find the right document management system for my company?

In order to find the right system for a construction company, it is important to compare the different options and see which one best suits the needs of the company.

It is also important to find software that can be adapted to the specific needs of the construction industry.

PaperOffice DMS is one such option, specially adapted to the specific needs of the construction industry. With PaperOffice DMS, construction companies have access to a powerful DMS that is also specially tailored to them.

Video "Automatically archive paper documents from the scanner"

In PaperOffice you have all the necessary tools to digitize your documents.

With PaperOffice you just have to scan your document with your scanner (PaperOffice works with everyone) and PaperOffice creates a digital version.


On the topic "Automated archiving of paper documents" there is a video on YouTube which explains this process in an understandable way:

Key requirements for a document management system for construction

When selecting a suitable construction document management system, companies should consider a few key requirements. It is important that document management is easy to use and intuitive for users.

In addition, the document vault should also have a strong search function to help users to search for specific documents. Another important aspect is the scalability of the DMS.

This is especially important when companies plan to expand and improve their DMS in the future. It is also important that the DMS has good compatibility with other systems and applications used in the company.

This makes PaperOffice DMS the perfect solution for those who not only want to expand and improve their DMS in the future, but also need adaptable and flexible functions that adapt to the dynamic requirements of today's companies.

Why choose PaperOffice DMS for the construction industry?

PaperOffice DMS is software designed for construction companies to help them perform all document management tasks. It offers a powerful document management system that allows quick and easy management, editing and sharing of all documents associated with a construction project.

In addition, users can easily get an overview of all documents and the current processing status. The software offers a complete set of functions, including setting up user accounts, creating and editing documents, automatic versioning and the secure storage of all documents.

By using PaperOffice DMS, construction companies can simplify their document management while improving the productivity and quality of their projects.

We recommend that you take a look at our published Case study of the construction company on Las Palmas, which is known for its high-quality and durable floors for schools, sports halls, playgrounds and many other construction projects. To find out how the introduction of PaperOffice DMS has helped to successfully digitize administrative processes.

Sports hall built by IDC Construccion
Paperless for construction companies: digitization of documents, projects and processes to increase efficiency


Construction is an important industry that has experienced growth over many years. To support this growth and enable more efficient and effective workflows, the implementation of a reliable and high-performing Document Management System (DMS) is required.

PaperOffice DMS offers an easy-to-use, searchable solution optimized for document creation, management, storage and search. With scalability and compatibility with other systems and applications, construction companies can take advantage of PaperOffice DMS to achieve their goals and work more efficiently and effectively.


To conclude, we will answer a few commonly asked questions on the topic. "Document management for construction companies: Surprising knowledge you haven't discovered in the construction industry":

What are the benefits of document management for construction companies?

Document management, supported by PaperOffice DMS, enables more efficient administration, faster processes and improved citizen services.

How can construction companies benefit from digitization?

Construction companies benefit from cost savings, improved internal communication and modernized infrastructures, supported by the use of PaperOffice DMS.

What are the main goals of digitization in construction companies?

The main goals are to optimize administrative processes, facilitate access to information and ensure collaboration on shared documents, with PaperOffice DMS playing an important role.

What types of information is stored in a paperless office?

In a paperless office, all kinds of business information is stored, including contracts, invoices, emails, quotes, receipts and other documents.


The benefits of the document management software justify the effort and the costs

Digitization is one way to simplify and streamline the contract management process. By implementing digital solutions, companies can make processes more efficient, view their contracts immediately and gain more transparency. Communication is also simplified by digital functions. This creates a whole new way of working together, which is beneficial for everyone involved.

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

Digital change in the grating industry - successful document management

“In the grating industry, the topic of digitization is becoming more and more noticeable. This applies, for example, to our delivery notes, parts lists or our plans, drawings and configurators. After the introduction of PaperOffice DMS, the manual effort could be reduced. We are now pioneers as a digital grating manufacturer.”

Mr. Stephan Reichel
Managing Director of K60 Gitterrostsysteme GmbH & Co.KG