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Efficient estate administration service with PaperOffice: Successful integration and protection against ransomware attacks

A case study from the service industry:
This is how PaperOffice DMS saved the documents of the estate administration company in Serbia from ransomeware attacks

Professional tip

Inheritance administration service

Belgrade, Serbia


Starting position

What requirements had to be solved?

NASLEDNIK D.O.O is a Serbia-based company specializing in the provision of probate services. They provide professional assistance and advice on inheritance matters, executorship, administration of the estate and similar legal and administrative tasks related to the probate process.

With over 100 customers, managing and organizing the numerous documents was a major challenge.

NASLEDNIK D.O.O was looking for a solution to facilitate the receipt of documents, adequate identification and To ensure storage of the documents and to give customers easy access to their documents.

The main requirement was also to find a secure document management system that guarantees GoBD-compliant, encrypted storage of documents. This was particularly important as electronic information from authorities should also be archived.

Due to the strict data protection guidelines and to ensure the secure management of customer documents, a cloud solution was consistently ruled out.

Paper documents are next to the scanner
Your scanner together with PaperOffice DMS are the best partners to make your company paperless

Thanks to the support of our Serbian partner David Stevanović from DAST D.O.O. successfully implemented.

David Stevanović and his team were responsible for the supervision and implementation of the project. Thanks to their expertise and commitment, we were able to offer the customer effective integration and support for PaperOffice.

Why did you choose PaperOffice?

PaperOffice impressed with a wide range of functions that corresponded exactly to the customer's requirements. Of particular note is the ability to monitor folders and e-mail servers, which made it possible to automatically include folders with incoming documents and e-mails. As soon as new objects appeared in these folders, they were automatically recorded and integrated into the document management system.

Using PaperOffice is made easier by its user-friendly interface, with most options just a click or two away.

Another important fact for our partner and customer was PaperOffice's official and exclusive partnership with QNAP.

PaperOffice on a laptop and a QNAP NAS next to it
PaperOffice is the world's only and exclusively authorized document management system for all QNAP NAS devices.

Due to the customer's existing use of a QNAP device, seamless integration and optimal cooperation between the two systems could be guaranteed.

How was PaperOffice integrated?

PaperOffice was integrated into the existing infrastructure for seamless integration.

Two Hyper-V virtual machines were used to allow two users access. In addition, a separate installation was performed for one user on the physical server for the PIA analysis.

The database was hosted on a powerful TS-464U server with 16GB RAM, while the Hyper-V server was equipped with Windows 2019 and 64GB RAM to ensure optimal performance and stability.


What problems has PaperOffice successfully solved?

PaperOffice solved the problem of receiving documents from different sources. With over 100 customers constantly exchanging their documents, a significant amount of time was saved for employees in their daily work routine.

It was important that documents were properly versioned and changes tracked accordingly. With PaperOffice, this process is very intuitive. Once the documents were learned, PaperOffice was able to extract information from them and save them automatically.

PaperOffice - The best and safest document storage for NASLEDNIK D.O.O.

Secure and efficient document handling is crucial for businesses, especially in times of increasing cybercrime and ransomware attacks.

NASLEDNIK D.O.O. can sing a song about it, because in 2023 it fell victim to a devastating ransomware attack that almost lost all data.

Read here how PaperOffice can also help protect your data from ransomware attacks.

How do I effectively defend against Ransomware Attacks in Companies?
How do I effectively defend against Ransomware Attacks in Companies?
Combating Ransomware Attacks: Effective protective Measures for Companies


Thanks to the successful cooperation with DAST D.O.O. and the implementation of PaperOffice, NASLEDNIK D.O.O. now rest assured that your documents are in the best hands. At a time when data security and privacy are top priorities, PaperOffice is the ultimate solution for secure and effective document storage.


To conclude, we will answer a few commonly asked questions on the topic. "Service Provider
Inheritance Administration NASLEDNIK D.O.O.":

What is your conclusion and your experience with PaperOffice?

With PaperOffice we were able to take a step forward to obtain our certification as a data broker.

All the tools are there to save time and increase security when dealing with important documents. The deployment went smoothly with support throughout the process and live coaching. Our employees were familiar with PaperOffice within a very short time and felt comfortable using it.

What tips would you give future PaperOffice users?

If your company does not yet have a document management system, PaperOffice DMS is the ideal solution as it offers all the functions you need. Even if you already have a document management system but need to switch for some reason, PaperOffice DMS is a great option due to its user-friendly interface and features.

Who would you recommend PaperOffice to?

We would recommend PaperOffice to all companies. Mainly for accounting agencies and educational institutions, but any company can benefit from it.

What do you particularly like about PaperOffice?

One particularly valuable feature is the automation of document type recognition upon receipt.


The introduction of PaperOffice enabled us to organize our document management efficiently and to achieve our goals as a certified data broker.

With the tools we had in place, we were able to save time and improve security when handling important documents.

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

The way to the digital town hall - digitization of the administration

"Easy integration and operation of PaperOffice DMS provided the overall solution that this industry needed: minimize paper consumption, speed up search processes, automate assignment to clerks and enable storage of process-related data."

Mr. Carlos A. Garcia Marketing and Communications Manager