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The future of property management - How digitization is revolutionizing everyday managerial life

PaperOffice's DMS provides a quick and efficient way to organize and manage your company documents. It allows you to streamline your workflow and reduce workload. You can easily store, retrieve, edit and review your documents.

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Manage your properties more efficiently using digital technologies: Use document management systems to store tenant information and other important documents and create automations to keep your tenants up to date.
Revolutionize your property management industry with PaperOffice DMS.

How digitization and a document management system can help your business.

Revolutionize property management

In the modern real estate industry, it is important to use efficient and effective technology to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently. One of these technologies is document management software that allows property managers to simplify and automate all processes and operations.

In this article, we will delve into the benefits and features of the document management system, as well as an example of document management software, namely PaperOffice DMS.

We will also talk about the new changes in the real estate industry to consider in 2023, and further how property managers can benefit from digital document management.

Property management companies benefit greatly from digitization
Digitization in the household industry brings immense advantages

We will also look at the impact of digitization on household management and look at the features and prices of PaperOffice as an example of document management software.

At the end of the article we will make a summary of the main points.

What is property management software?

Property Management Software is a software solution that helps property managers and owners manage their real estate inventory more efficiently. With this software, property managers can store all relevant information in one central database and use one software to handle all tasks related to property management.

The software allows users to perform a variety of functions, including managing tenancies and ownership, automating operations, and creating automatic reminders and notifications.

Notebook with PaperOffice stands on a tidy table
Digitization has a positive impact on the environment and many other benefits

Why should software be used?

Digitalization has proven to be a key force in the global economy in recent years. Now she has found her way into the property management industry. In an industry in which documents and files were processed with manual processes, PaperOffice as a document management system enables digital transformation. The document management system has all the necessary functions that property management software needs and much more.

In our article about "What a document management system is, what it should be used for and which functions it must have", we have already written a detailed article.

PaperOffice offers an intuitive document management system that simplifies and automates property management.

It allows the creation and management of real estate files, the processing of inquiries, the management of contracts and the tracking of payments. In addition, it offers an integrated system for managing correspondence, files and other documents.

How does a DMS help property managers?

In order to answer the question, one must first explain the problem of all property management:

Every day property managers receive individual invoices from service providers in a variety of ways, such as email or letter. These must be collected throughout the year by cost center according to the chart of accounts of the community of owners and handed over to the owners once a year in an orderly form for verification of the documents.

This is where PaperOffice comes into play as a software solution, since you can use keywords to correctly assign the invoices to the respective house and cost center.

Property management companies - added value through software solutions such as PaperOffice DMS
Property management companies - added value through software solutions such as PaperOffice DMS

Thanks to digitization, PaperOffice can enable household management companies to work efficiently and without stress.

With PaperOffice DMS you can quickly archive, manage and search for your documents. All documents are stored in a central, secure database so they can be easily accessed with a single login. With PaperOffice DMS, the budget management companies can quickly track their customers and simplify their budgeting.

The benefits of property management software

Property management software can help property managers manage their real estate portfolio more efficiently. This software can help save time and money by automating processes and giving users the ability to store all relevant information in one place.

It can also help improve productivity and efficiency by simplifying communication between tenants and owners.

Some of the benefits of property management software are:

  • More Efficient Management of Tenancy and Ownership: With the software, the property managers can easily access all relevant information such as lease agreements, tenant history, rental results and other important data.

  • Automated Operations and Time Tracking: The software allows users to automate their processes and tasks, improving efficiency and saving time.


There is a video on YouTube on the topic "Best Solution for PAPERLESS offices without additional Work + Archive documents directly from the SCANNER", which explains the digitization process from paper to digital in a way that is easy to understand.

Added value through digitization of the property management industry

Digitalization has had a decisive impact on the property management industry in recent years. Through the use of digital technologies and modern services, added value is created at various points in the industry, which manifests itself in the areas of cost savings, increased efficiency and increased productivity. The first area in which digitization creates added value is cost savings. Through the use of software and service solutions, administrative tasks such as managing leases, creating invoices and managing assets can be simplified and automated.

This not only saves on personnel costs, but also saves on paper costs. In addition, digitization enables an increase in productivity and efficiency. By using digital systems, data can be recorded, processed and stored quickly and efficiently.

This enables businesses to make faster decisions and simplify communication with tenants, owners and employees. Another important area in which added value can be created through digitization is the use of a document management system. Such a system makes it possible to find and manage documents quickly and efficiently.

The Ultimate 5-Step Guide


We have created the ultimate 5-step guide for the realization of the paperless office and digitization of your company, in which the individual 5 steps and the required time are described:

The ultimate 5-step guide to the paperless office - how to maximize your company's performance in just 3 months

This is exemplified by the PaperOffice DMS document management system. With this system, all important documents such as invoices, contracts, title deeds and other important documents can be managed and stored quickly and easily. This allows companies to quickly access relevant documents and update them as needed. Overall, it can be said that the digitization of the property management industry creates added value, which manifests itself in the areas of cost savings, increased efficiency and increased productivity.

The use of a document management system such as PaperOffice DMS offers further added value, as this system enables companies to access and update important documents quickly.

What is the best property management software?

The best property management software depends on the requirements and needs of the landlord or owner.

There are many different options, but it is important to choose a software that offers all the features needed to manage the household.

PaperOffice DMS is an excellent choice for any property management company as it offers a variety of features needed to efficiently manage properties.

It offers features like:

1. Document management: PaperOffice allows companies to manage and organize their papers by storing them digitally in folders and subfolders.
2. File storage: PaperOffice offers companies the opportunity to archive files in a central storage. So you can access them anytime.
3. Document Versioning: Customers can track changes to documents and restore individual versions.
4. Document Sharing: PaperOffice allows customers to share and edit documents with others within the system.
5. Search function: Customers can easily find documents using the search function. Extensive filter functions such as "Search by file type", "Keywords", "Dates" are always taken into account in the automated search.

It is user-friendly software that is easy to install and use.

What will change in property management from 2023?

From 2023, things will change in real estate management. Property managers must ensure that they meet all legal data protection requirements. To make this possible, you can use PaperOffice DMS.

Woman from the construction company is standing in front of a new building
Access to the necessary information at any time

With PaperOffice DMS, property managers can keep their data safe by storing it in a central, secure database. They can also quickly track property compliance and access their data at any time, no matter where they are. In addition, property managers can use the document management features of PaperOffice DMS to organize and manage their property documents. This allows them to easily search for the documents they need and simplify the management of their properties.

With PaperOffice DMS, property managers can ensure compliance with legal requirements and simplify property management.


To conclude, we will answer a few commonly asked questions on the topic. "Digitize Property Management with the Right Software":

What is a paperless office in the property management industry?

A paperless office in the property management industry is one that goes completely paper-free and instead uses digital technologies and processes to store, process and transmit information.

Why is a paperless office needed in the property management industry?

A paperless office in the property management industry is an efficient way to store, process and transmit information. It helps automate manual processes, resulting in a lower error rate while increasing productivity and reducing costs.

What are the advantages of a paperless office in the property management industry?

A paperless office in the property management industry offers many benefits such as improved data security, higher productivity, better collaboration, better customer service experience, lower costs and improved compliance.

What technologies are used in a paperless office in the property management industry?

What types of information is stored in a paperless office in the property management industry?

A paperless office in the property management industry typically stores data such as leases, owner information, financial information, maintenance orders, and other records.


The benefit justifies the effort and the costs

Digitization is a way to simplify and streamline the property management process. By implementing digital solutions, administrators and owners can make processes more efficient and gain more transparency. Communication is also simplified by digital tools. This creates a whole new way of working together that is beneficial for everyone involved. Digitization represents great potential, which represents a sensible investment for property managers and owners.

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

Digital change in the grating industry - successful document management

“In the grating industry, the topic of digitization is becoming more and more noticeable. This applies, for example, to our delivery notes, parts lists or our plans, drawings and configurators. After the introduction of PaperOffice DMS, the manual effort could be reduced. We are now pioneers as a digital grating manufacturer.”

Mr. Stephan Reichel
Managing Director of K60 Gitterrostsysteme GmbH & Co.KG