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Digitization in the dental technology industry - successful document management for the dental industry

Lars R. Ludewig, owner and managing director of ViaCreative Zahntechnik GmbH

Professional tip

Dental technology / Dental laboratory /
Dental industry

Leipzig, Germany

Office, Accounting

Via Creative GmbH

Starting position

The dental laboratory ViaCreative is a second generation of Mr. Lars-R. Ludewig-run company in Leipzig. In the laboratory, tooth replacement products are mainly manufactured on behalf of dentists.

The company's range of services is very extensive and is characterized by the use of modern processes and techniques. For example, a CAD-CAM production, the production of allergy sufferers dentures or superstructures on implants.

PaperOffice DMS is used at ViaCreative in Leipzig mainly for data storage, document searches and the preparation of documents for transmission to the tax office.

PaperOffice employee sits in front of a notebook
Digitization brings many advantages

Existing problems and tasks

In the laboratory, several dental technicians work at differently equipped workstations with different tasks. A common core segment here is the precise recording of all work undertaken, as well as the processes and materials used.

Since the work is almost exclusively commissioned by dentists for patients, complete documentation is just as important as the secure storage of the sometimes sensitive data.

Before the decision to use PaperOffice DMS, the data generated during daily work was mostly recorded manually in an analogue file, which was kept in a hanging file in the office during ongoing processes and in a separate archive room when work was completed. To create and send the tax documents, the data was transferred from the analogue files to the electronic DATEV form by an employee.

The time required for this form of administrative work is very high on the one hand and very error-prone on the other. At the same time, the legally required data security is only given to a limited extent.

The goal of the company was to digitize existing paper documents, to bring in process optimization and workflow control over all incoming and outgoing documents, to automate a large part of the processes in the background and thus to optimize the process.

Why ViaCreative chose PaperOffice DMS

Mr. Lars-R. Due to the existing challenges, Ludewig was looking for a document management system that would enable secure and adaptable data storage as well as the easy integration of all workplaces in the house with uncomplicated software.

At the same time, the software should be characterized by a good cost-benefit ratio. In addition to PaperOffice DMS, Mr. Ludewig tested four other software products from other system houses and initially examined various software offers in relation to document management.

The fact that PaperOffice was ultimately used as document management at Via Creative was decided for the following reasons:

1. Data storage and availability. Central and easy access to all relevant documents and the possibility of multiple parties collaborating on the same document.

An internal, central storage that can be accessed by all employees. The data should not be stored in a third-party cloud or on a single-user computer.

The solution: A database was set up on the NAS, Network Attached Storage, by Synology in practice. This database was integrated into PaperOffice DMS and all data was saved by Via Creative. This completely satisfies the legal requirements for data backup. Mr. Ludewig was very satisfied with the solution without an external cloud and thus without third-party providers, which can be subject to government intervention and increase the risk of hacker attacks.

A central storage that can be accessed by all employees with appropriate user rights.

Mr. Lars-R. Ludewig realized early on that there was no way around digitization in his practice.

"Having to manually search through and find folders, invoices, delivery notes, contract statuses and other important papers, which is very time-consuming, is very precise Search function in PaperOffice finally a thing of the past..."

2.Value for money. The software should have a good price-performance ratio.

The solution: PaperOffice DMS is offered in different price models that allow users to take the most advantageous form for them.

In this way, ViaCreative was able to avoid an excessive capital commitment and still has a correspondingly large budget for the necessary material and technology purchases, which are very expensive, especially in dental technology.

Hand holds a spare jaw
PaperOffice archives all documents generated in your practice and all relevant information in compliance with the law and in an audit-proof manner

3. Easy to handle. The software should require as little training as possible and at the same time be prepared for the future.

The solution:Basically, PaperOffice DMS is very structured and has a graphical interface that guides the user step by step. In addition, there are extra tutorials and videos for all functions that can be called up directly for support.

This way external consultants can be avoided. Of course, PaperOffice DMS also offers individual training for the modules, if desired. According to the experiences of the ViaCreative employees, however, PaperOffice is largely self-explanatory.

No external and expensive "consultants" on site and no one has to travel anywhere for training. Everyone can define the time frame for learning the menu navigation themselves as required and in terms of the future, PaperOffice DMS is well positioned thanks to its modular structure.

"PaperOffice not only impressed us with its graphics, among other things because it has very good video tutorials for individual topics. That way we were able to train ourselves independently and when needed.”

4. Retrievability and time savings. A simpler way was sought to digitize analog documents and to easily find them again when needed.

The solution: The core segment of PaperOffice DMS is the digitization of analogue documents. All you need is a scanner with an interface to the computer and PaperOffice DMS. Documents are not just scanned. They are converted into editable text by integrated OCR software and automatically saved correctly.

Thanks to the integrated AI function, each document can be taught, all desired content can be extracted in a targeted manner and stored with keywords in a fully automated manner.

Thanks to regular expressions (REGEX), document content can be automatically read and stored as document information.

"To get chronological results super fast for the annual financial statements and inventories to determine the cheapest purchase price for each individual item. What used to take days can now be done in hours!”

Top list of main problems solved by PaperOffice DMS

  • Constant searching and browsing for specific documents
  • No more staplers and stacks of paper
  • No more physical archive
  • Reduction of labor and storage costs
  • No more moves to new binders and archives every January
  • Redundant triple data backup

Mr. Lars-R. Ludewig explains:

"Anyone who gets involved with the whole subject of DMS will be amply rewarded with a lot of time savings. Enthusiasm, leaning back and knowing everything is safe and easy for everyone.
The top programmers implement requests brilliantly and sometimes at record speed and implement them via updates. I recommend automatically and enthusiastically."

Hand presses a button on a scanner
Analogue documents are scanned with PaperOffice DMS and saved both as a photo and as converted text using OCR software.

Top list of main features that make PaperOffice DMS better than all others

  • Quick adaptation to individual customer requirements through updates
  • Direct contact to the developers
  • Lightweight NAS integrity for data storage on your own on-site server. It is up to the user to decide on the scope of the implementation
  • Search for keywords, specific parts, words, etc. to quickly get relevant data presented

Mr. Lars-R. Ludewig emphasizes:

"In many folders, without an ERP system, for complex accounting or for inventories with price determinations of certain articles or order numbers for one certain time with total amount determination, you never want to do without PaperOffice again."

How was PaperOffice DMS integrated?

Mr. Ludewig was also enthusiastic about the commitment of the PaperOffice DMS team in implementing the adjustments to the requirements for the administration of ViaCreative.

He and his team were just as satisfied with the graphical interface of PaperOffice DMS. This proves that the development of PaperOffice takes into account the normal perception of people, which gives priority to pictures and colors, without appearing playful. This applies equally to the tutorials and videos created by PaperOffice for certain segments of the document management software.

"Having to manually search through and find folders, invoices, delivery notes, contract statuses and other important papers, which is very time-consuming, is very precise Search function in PaperOffice is finally a thing of the past..."

In the course of the changeover, ViaCreative's analogue archive was and is gradually being scanned and read directly via the OCR software integrated in PaperOffice DMS. Thanks to the use of regular expressions, which are generated by PaperOffice employees, all incoming analogue documents can be read out easily and in a customer-specific manner.

All information in all data formats can be called up in fractions of a second via the internal search engine and an automatic index.

Mr. Lars-R. At the beginning of the introduction, Ludewig recommends:

"Slow approach, experiment first, no hard transition to the deadline, find out which folder structure suits us. Establishment of the basic structure, first filing, elaboration of categories according to what is filed and marked, all in peace to arrive together in the team."

Notebook with PaperOffice stands on a tidy table
Digitization has a positive impact on the environment and many other benefits

Overall Experience Summary

PaperOffice DMS has met all the necessary criteria and today maps the complete digital document flow in practice.

For the time being, all invoice documents are recorded with high-performance scanners, Paper-Office automatically recognizes the contact data and stores the documents accordingly in the electronic archive.

Employees can then access the documents via a simple user interface and entering various search terms - a full-text search is also available.

Thanks to the consistent use of the DMS, ViaCreative was able to significantly reduce the processing time required for the invoices, and the number of outstanding accounts has decreased significantly at the same time.

Mr. Denis K. from "Bookkeeping and Accounting" emphasizes:

"Sorting, detailed searches, the compilation of data packages for cooperation with the tax consultant are no longer comparable to those of the past, very complex manual work with tons of paper and folders. Everything is quickly combined in one place at any time.”


To conclude, we will answer a few commonly asked questions on the topic. "Dental technology / Dental laboratory ViaCreative
Zahntechnik GmbH":

What tips would you give future PaperOffice users?

It is never too early or too late to deal with the topic of digitization.

The most important thing is to get an idea of ​​the software but also of the company itself. It was important that we didn't feel compelled to purchase the software or sign up for any service and support packages.

Even before we acquired PaperOffice DMS, we spoke to all departments of the company and never felt badly treated. On the contrary: PaperOffice has a nice, courteous and competent team.

For us as an industrial company, processes are becoming more and more complicated and involve a lot of bureaucracy. Therefore, trust in the system and the software was very important. Of course, it was also very important that the software was easy to understand.

Who would you recommend PaperOffice to?

We will recommend PaperOffice to all other companies that would like to digitize and automate. Anyone who wants it easy, doesn't need a complete solution with automatic bookkeeping, cash register, etc., who doesn't want any more staplers and constant searches.

What do you particularly like about PaperOffice?

We are very satisfied with everything.


PaperOffice is a lightweight yet powerful document management system.

Functions that seem meaningless at first, such as the automatic reading of document content, turn out to be the most important functions that you no longer want to miss.

"Anyone who gets involved with the whole topic of DMS will be amply rewarded with a lot of time savings. Enthusiasm, leaning back and knowing everything is safe and easy for everyone, wishes are implemented by the top programmers, sometimes at record speed, and implemented via update. Free support time per month and user to keep improving and learning together. You automatically and enthusiastically recommend."

PaperOffice solves every problem: Guaranteed.

Case study

Digital change in the grating industry - successful document management

“In the grating industry, the topic of digitization is becoming more and more noticeable. This applies, for example, to our delivery notes, parts lists or our plans, drawings and configurators. After the introduction of PaperOffice DMS, the manual effort could be reduced. We are now pioneers as a digital grating manufacturer.”

Mr. Stephan Reichel
Managing Director of K60 Gitterrostsysteme GmbH & Co.KG