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Highest possible discount offers

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11 unbeatable facts

PaperOffice is the proven all-in-one solution

Intuitive user interface

Easy to handle

PaperOffice has a modern and Windows-inspired interface so that you as a user can find your way around immediately.

You can administrate everything yourself and have full control over all options.

Transparent cost model

Best cost-benefit ratio

With PaperOffice you get a maximum range of programs at the lowest price in the industry.

What has to be bought elsewhere is already included in PaperOffice - including support by telephone and AnyDesk.

All file formats and paper documents

Documents from all sources

Everything is integrated, from the integrated scanner tool "ScanConnect" to document capture via mobile DropPage via mobile phone.

Whether it's paper documents, files or emails - PaperOffice can archive everything without any problems.

Integrated OCR search engine

Simply find everything again

PaperOffice indexes everything, whether it's scanned documents or files.

The integrated search engine allows you to find every word snippet, amount and search term.

Automatic document capture

Fully automatable

Freely definable monitoring automatically stores all documents according to your specifications.

Not only entire directories can be monitored, but also e-mail accounts, Outlook folders and even web-based forms.

Learn in and read out documents

Automated storage

You can learn in documents so that they are automatically recognized and even read out content and texts.

Read content and texts are available as variables for 100% automatic filing.

Freely selectable own storage locations

All data is stored securely with you and not in a cloud

Stay independent by managing all your data yourself instead of in a third-party cloud with follow-up costs.

PaperOffice supports all devices such as local PC, QNAP NAS, Synology NAS, Windows or Linux servers and web services such as AWS or Azure.

private cloud technology

Secure access from anywhere

All the advantages of a cloud but the use of a third-party cloud with your own database server.

You can access your PaperOffice database encrypted and securely from any other PC in the world.

the ultimate DMS for QNAP and Synology

Optimized for NAS

Perfect working in the network within minutes: Install PaperOffice. Connect to NAS. Getting started!

PaperOffice stores all data and documents directly on your NAS, highly secure, reliable and free of charge.

100% highest possible security

GOBD and GDPR meets AES1024 military encryption

With PaperOffice you get maximum data protection and guaranteed unbreakable encrypted document storage.

100% GOBD through revision security100% GDPR because no cloud storage100% theft protection through military encryption.

no hidden costs

Thanks to purchase licenses, no ongoing license costs

Instead of paying for license subscriptions every month, you always buy lifetime licenses from PaperOffice without follow-up costs.

Once you have purchased a license, you will never be charged again, and if you need updates and support, you can optionally activate it.

PaperOffice Academy

You must have seen this

PaperOffice is a team player

Integrates with any software and infrastructure

Everything is standard on board:

Access from any software via built-in API

Document archiving from any application

Document archiving via email (PaperOffice DropMail)

Document archiving via POP3 (PaperOffice MailExchange)

Document archiving via web interface (PaperOffice DropPage)

Automatic document storage through XML keywording

Automatic printer storage through XML keywording

Open MariaDB database structure

Full access to all data via .NET, PHP, Node, Python, etc.

Thats what our customers say

Case study

Digitization in the dental technology industry - successful document management for the dental industry

“Getting chronological results super fast for the annual financial statements and inventories to determine the cheapest purchase price for each individual item. What used to take days can now be done in hours!”

Lars R. Ludewig
owner and managing director of ViaCreative Zahntechnik GmbH

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