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Digitalization poses challenges to users, PC systems, IT infrastructure, personal support and especially if something doesn't work as it should.
Because it's only when problems arise that the wheat is separated from the chaff.


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A personal conversation
Our supporters will be happy to help you in the best possible way and are guaranteed to answer all your questions - just prepare your question list!

Video "What is PaperOffice" on YouTube
The official introductory video explains in about 10 minutes what PaperOffice can do and how you can use it.


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Simply install PaperOffice on your own PC and test it for 14 days without any restrictions.

Video "What is PaperOffice" on YouTube
The official introductory video explains in about 10 minutes what PaperOffice can do and how you can use it.


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PaperOffice PLUS can be optionally extended
If you like PaperOffice PLUS after the free 6 months, you can reactivate it at any time within 12 months of purchase to retain all included benefits.

PaperOffice SLA for maximum benefits and support
You can optionally activate PaperOffice SLA if you have an active PaperOffice PLUS and receive additional available services such as support, coaching, personal assistance and guaranteed response times.

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Case study

The digital path of patriarchy with PaperOffice DMS

"We are delighted after a year and a half of work and yet we have not yet fully exploited this fantastic masterpiece."

Pedro Silva
Administrative Assistant of the Patriarchate of Lisbon

PaperOffice is a professional product / solution / ecosystem, which is primarily aimed at commercial users with more than 3 to 80 workstations.
PaperOffice can also be used privately and with fewer workstations without any problems if it corresponds to your price-performance ratio. To use PaperOffice on more than 80 workstations, PaperOffice CUSTOM should be used. We recommend, especially for professional use, to keep PaperOffice PLUS active at all times, which is associated with additional costs. Due to external influences, such as Windows updates, updates of other installed software, which system components change, etc., without an active PaperOffice PLUS, no guarantee is given for perfect function. Each PaperOffice license includes PaperOffice PLUS for 6 months, this is not automatically extended by PaperOffice and can, optionally, be booked after it has expired. All licenses purchased in the PaperOffice online shop have a 30-day return policy, i.e. you can withdraw from the purchase at any time as long as no payment has been made and the license has thus been activated and no services have yet been used. Time quotas for advice, presentation and support without active PaperOffice PLUS are limited in time and are decided by the PaperOffice team individually and based on experience.
PaperOffice delivers online license orders risk-free via PayPal.
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