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The PaperOffice sisäpiiri-uutiskirje
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Cookie Policy

Effective from January 1, 2023

Welcome to PaperOffice!

PaperOffice is the manufacturer of the eponymous Document Management System "PaperOffice" and AI-based products. Our products simplify the management, sharing, and collaboration of documents in businesses. Thanks to our partly cloud-based solutions, you can access them anytime and anywhere via the internet and on various types of devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Cloud-based interfaces also support on-premise based PaperOffice products.

1. Cookie Policy of PaperOffice Limited

PaperOffice Limited ("we") uses cookies on its website and in its applications (collectively referred to as the "Services of PaperOffice Limited"). This Cookie Policy explains how and why we use cookies and similar technologies (collectively "cookies") and how you can change your settings.

2. Consent to Cookie Usage

By using the Services of PaperOffice Limited, users outside the European Economic Area (EEA) agree to the use of cookies in accordance with this policy. To learn more about our privacy practices, read our privacy policy. If you have any questions, contact us at

3. Definition and Purpose of Cookies

What is a cookie? Why do we use cookies? Cookies are crucial for the modern operation of the website. These are small files that are downloaded onto your computer, tablet, or smartphone (collectively "device") when you visit a website or application (collectively "websites"). Cookies reliably record functional activities, such as visiting multiple web pages, logging into a web platform, or placing items in a digital shopping cart.

4. Use of Cookies by PaperOffice Limited

We use cookies for several purposes. To provide, maintain, and improve the Services of PaperOffice Limited, we and our third parties, vendors, and service providers (collectively "third parties") may store cookies on your device. We may also use similar cookie technologies (e.g., web beacons, tracking pixels, images, and scripts). These technologies are used to assist in the delivery of cookies, collect usage data, analyze performance data, and assist us in managing data or features on our websites.

5. Additional Information about Cookies

For more information about cookies, you can visit and

6. Types of Cookies Used by PaperOffice Limited

What cookies do we use? Cookies that we place are referred to as "first-party cookies." We use various first-party cookies to strengthen, improve, and enable key services of PaperOffice Limited. We use first-party cookies when you access our website, use an in-app product offering, or visit other websites and apps integrated into the Services of PaperOffice Limited. Many of our cookies are required as they are "strictly necessary" for the operation of the Services of PaperOffice Limited, and we label these cookies as "strictly necessary cookies." We also place functional cookies that improve the performance and functionality of the Services of PaperOffice Limited, as well as analytical cookies.

7. Third-Party Cookies at PaperOffice Limited

PaperOffice Limited also uses third-party created cookies (known as "third-party cookies"). Third-party cookies can be used for marketing campaigns, to customize your user experience on the website, or to notify you about the Services of PaperOffice Limited. For more information on how third parties handle data collected by third-party cookies, please refer to their respective privacy policies.

8. Overview and Management of Cookies

The following diagram explains the first-party and third-party cookies used in the Services of PaperOffice Limited, including the responsible third parties, their purpose, and how you can manage them.

Cookie Type
Who is responsible for the cookie?
Cookie Information and Management
Strictly Necessary or Functional
We and our service providers use strictly necessary and functional web beacons and scripts to "remember" user preferences, settings, and other information that help improve the PaperOffice user experience. Please note that disabling these cookies may affect your access to PaperOffice services. We and our service providers use tracking pixels and scripts, sometimes referred to as "advertising cookies," to deliver more relevant content to our users and website visitors. Targeting cookies help PaperOffice Limited measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. Please note that PaperOffice Limited does not use targeting cookies in the PaperOffice web application. We use targeting cookies only on our marketing websites.
Google helps PaperOffice Limited to tailor our search engine marketing, track how users interact with PaperOffice services, and serve ads on other websites targeted to the audience. The Google services we use include AdWords, Dynamic Remarketing, DoubleClick Floodlight, and DoubleClick Ad Exchange-Buyer.
For more information about Google cookies, including how they are used and how to disable them, click here. You can directly disable Google Ad Personalization here.
PaperOffice Limited
PaperOffice Limited uses cookies to monitor usage, activity, and performance.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics helps PaperOffice Limited track the usage and performance of the PaperOffice service.
For more information about Google cookies, including how they are used and how to disable them, click here. You can directly disable Google Ad Personalization via this link.

9. Cookie Settings and Deactivation at PaperOffice Limited

You can select your preferences regarding the acceptance or rejection of cookies by changing your cookie settings highlighted in the table above, or by changing your browser settings as specified below.

Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. You can set your preferences regarding the deletion, rejection, or querying before accepting a cookie. Note that deactivating a cookie will not remove it from your device; you must do this in your browser settings yourself. Browser-specific information can be found in the following links:

On some mobile devices, you can manage your cookie settings. Below are the instructions for:

In addition, you can disable interest-based advertising by using country-specific self-regulatory tools: