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Thanks to automatic scan programs, the PaperOffice AI optimizes all the necessary settings for perfect results. You simply select the document type and scan. Or you can have the scanner monitored automatically. Finished!


Scan everything in one go? Thanks to PaperOffice separator pages it's child's play: put the separator page in between and the AI will automatically separate your document stack. Or you can use QR codes to separate and quickly find any paper document in PaperOffice.


Paper documents are automatically saved in the legally valid ISO standard 19005 PDF/A. The PDF/A-1 format is the most restrictive format, which consists of 2 levels: PDF/A-1b for visual reproducibility and PDF/A-1a for Unicode mapping and content structuring.


PaperOffice converts all your paper documents into digital PDF/A documents with the integrated "ScanConnect" scanner tool. PDF/A is the format for long-term archiving of digital documents and has established itself worldwide as the standard for long-term archiving.

All editing tools are on board

All receipts and documents added to PaperOffice are automatically analyzed and recognized by the integrated high-performance AI (PIA).

You can also teach receipts and documents in a targeted manner and thus optimize the AI to the maximum extent. Once you have learned it, you can decide for yourself what exactly is to be stored and how.

Smart separator pages for batch scans

PaperOffice offers you the options from manual filing to fully automated filing without any intervention. All fields are filled out automatically and even the storage path can be generated and used dynamically depending on the date.

And thanks to the open database standard and the limitless possibility of completely adapting PaperOffice through customizing, PaperOffice can even, for example, compare incoming invoices with the appropriate order and, if necessary, initiate a complaint.

Automatic import of Cloudscans and Scan2Folder

The integrated search engine allows you to intelligently filter and evaluate all receipt data and document data. Do you like Microsoft Excel? We also! That's why you can easily transfer all information directly to Excel for further processing. Even including a PDF file.

PaperOffice is always based on an open database standard, with which you always have control over your data and information. No matter how difficult an evaluation or data access seems - PaperOffice makes it possible.

PaperOffice QR-Tech to find original documents at lightning speed

The use of PaperOffice QR Codes opens up excellent possibilities, such as automatic versioning of already archived and changed paper documents that contain the same QR Code.

You can also easily search for documents in PaperOffice using a QR code - open the QR code search and hold the QR code of the PaperOffice document in the webcam to display it in PaperOffice.

Thats what our customers say

Case study

Paperless work through digital processes

15 reasons why you should use document management with your scanner

Document management systems are the basis for digitization in companies and the realization of digital business processes. These make a significant contribution to the efficiency and success of your company and towards a paperless office. If all analogue sources are integrated into the digital processes
the efficiency of the company's core business increases.

PaperOffice is a professional product / solution / ecosystem, which is primarily aimed at commercial users with more than 3 to 80 workstations.
PaperOffice can also be used privately and with fewer workstations without any problems if it corresponds to your price-performance ratio. To use PaperOffice on more than 80 workstations, PaperOffice CUSTOM should be used. We recommend, especially for professional use, to keep PaperOffice PLUS active at all times, which is associated with additional costs. Due to external influences, such as Windows updates, updates of other installed software, which system components change, etc., without an active PaperOffice PLUS, no guarantee is given for perfect function. Each PaperOffice license includes PaperOffice PLUS for 6 months, this is not automatically extended by PaperOffice and can, optionally, be booked after it has expired. All licenses purchased in the PaperOffice online shop have a 30-day return policy, i.e. you can withdraw from the purchase at any time as long as no payment has been made and the license has thus been activated and no services have yet been used. Time quotas for advice, presentation and support without active PaperOffice PLUS are limited in time and are decided by the PaperOffice team individually and based on experience.
PaperOffice delivers online license orders risk-free via PayPal.
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