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Any file format

You can manually save any file in PaperOffice. Just drag and drop the file into the program and you're done! This even works if you pull attachments directly from Outlook emails into PaperOffice.

All recording tools on board

Screenshots (screenshots) can be created immediately with the integrated ScreenCapture and saved directly. To archive entire web pages in PDF format, simply enter the web address into WebCapture.

XML-enabled PDF printer

The virtual PaperOffice printer converts everything that you can print from any application into a PDF document at lightning speed. You can even use XML commands for automatic keywording.

Everything included: Ingenious tools included

Not only can you save any file format securely and encrypted in PaperOffice, but you will never want to miss the included tools again: printouts, screenshots or even entire websites can be archived with just a few clicks.

Add by drag and drop from Explorer and Outlook

Simply drag the file directly from Windows Explorer into the PaperOffice program window. The intelligent storage dialog stores the new document securely and quickly directly in the PaperOffice database.

Email archiving made easy: Mark the corresponding email in Outlook and simply drag the email attachment into the PaperOffice window as with drag & drop. You have never archived systems faster!

Virtual PaperOffice PDF printer including XML storage

Print out your documents as usual from your paper printer - but only on the virtual PaperOffice PDF printer. Everything you can print is stored digitally in the legally compliant PDF/A format.

More than a simple PDF printer: Transfer indexing and filing commands directly as XML from the print document. PaperOffice uses this for filing and then removes the XML. This is how you integrate PaperOffice into every conceivable software.

Archive screenshots with ScreenCapture

Regardless of whether you need a screenshot of online banking or the ordering process. With the integrated ScreenCapure you can record any part of the monitor and save it directly in PaperOffice.

Of course, screenshots, like all other things you save in PaperOffice, are fully text-recognized and indexed for perfect archiving. Store together what belongs together.

Archive entire web pages as PDF with WebCapture

Archiving websites made easy: Simply enter the desired web address in WebCapture and a full copy will be saved as a PDF document directly in PaperOffice.

Who doesn't know this: Screenshot, page scrolling, screenshot again, scrolling again, etc. Use WebCapture in the future to make this process as easy as possible!

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Case study

Efficient work thanks to digitization

15 reasons why you should use document management with your scanner

Digitization or digital transformation of your paper documents is the prerequisite for efficiency and the success of your company. The need for digitization is now an important aspect for everyone.

PaperOffice is a professional product / solution / ecosystem, which is primarily aimed at commercial users with more than 3 to 80 workstations.
PaperOffice can also be used privately and with fewer workstations without any problems if it corresponds to your price-performance ratio. To use PaperOffice on more than 80 workstations, PaperOffice CUSTOM should be used. We recommend, especially for professional use, to keep PaperOffice PLUS active at all times, which is associated with additional costs. Due to external influences, such as Windows updates, updates of other installed software, which system components change, etc., without an active PaperOffice PLUS, no guarantee is given for perfect function. Each PaperOffice license includes PaperOffice PLUS for 6 months, this is not automatically extended by PaperOffice and can, optionally, be booked after it has expired. All licenses purchased in the PaperOffice online shop have a 30-day return policy, i.e. you can withdraw from the purchase at any time as long as no payment has been made and the license has thus been activated and no services have yet been used. Time quotas for advice, presentation and support without active PaperOffice PLUS are limited in time and are decided by the PaperOffice team individually and based on experience.
PaperOffice delivers online license orders risk-free via PayPal.
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